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Son having problems in Grade 1
10/03/2008 at 07:45 AM

 It has recently been brought to my attention by his teacher that he is disengaged at school.  He doesn't complete his work and rathr chooses to bother other students. He is the eldest of 3 and is in french immersion.  He is very bright.  He complains that school is boring and too easy.  The teacher said she will challenge him but can't because she can't tell which level he is at because he does minimal work.  At home he can add 1 digit number to a 2 digit number in his head like 35 +7 and even bigger round numbers like 2000 + 400.  I has learned to manipulate numbers on his own as he didn't learn this at school or home.  When ask, he says his brain just tell shim the answer.  He reads english very well and can read "If you give a Pig a Pancake" on his own among other books.  He reads us english books at bedtime rather than us reading to him.  He had a problem saying if work is too hard or easy to his teacher.  She gave him a level 4 French book to read and it was too difficult so he just shut down instead of saying it was too hard.  He has recently bee sent in to the hall way or a Grade 6 class to complete his work.  Of course he loves this can he is getting attention perhaps he isn't getting from his teacher.  I know he is more than happy pretending he is ignorant because then he gets to leave the class.  and of course we he is forced to do his work outside the class he gets it done because its too esy for him.  He isn't behind on his studies because he already knows most of the work already. Does anyone have any ideas to get my son to engage more in class?

Maybe you shld get an educational assessment done outside of school to determine what level your son is actually at. He is obviously advanced for his age, and he may just be bored in class. Once you do that, then make a decision as to where he shld be placed. You also shld take into consideration your son's maturity level. You want him to be able to fit in socially as well.