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school punishment solely designed to embarrass, disgrace, and humiliate the child.
02/16/2011 at 13:53 PM

A female 6-grade student (with some discipline problems) was in math class. This school gives each student a personal whiteboard to work on at their desk. The teacher observed the student was writing her A B C’s on her whiteboard instead of math work. Her punishment was too flamboyantly, with a student escort be paraded around the school to other classrooms interrupting their educational time and force to say, “I know my A B C’s”. The teacher even involved my son and his classmates in this by asking them should she do this.
What do you think of this?

I think this atrocious. Perhaps she should have been doing math work, but at least she was doing some work and not messing around disrupting the class. To parade her round the school like this is barbaric and positively medeival. I hope her parents will take this up with the school authorities and put in a complaint against this teacher.

I'm trying to come up with some balance on this. You say she has some discipline problems--have you been allied with the school staff in addressing her non-compliance? I'm asking because if you have been resistant to their efforts in the past it makes you less credible to them at present, even though public humiliation is counterproductive, along with being wrong.

I agree! I think it is a cruel and humiliating form of psychological punishment. This all over the county contributes to suicide. Not just that, all around the county kids are walking into our schools and killing / shooting and humiliation in front of pears is always a contributor. I am concerned for my A, B student who want nothing more than to receive a good education in a safe environment. What should I do?

Some disciplines are the word of my son who repotted this to me. He reported to me is that day whiting her a b c’ on her personal board (not disturbing the class). My son came to the car and this where his first words “Why would adults treat a kid like that?” and “wont that just make her act worse?” He said, ” I had butterflies in my stomach as I watched it.” He told me he is more worried about being mistreated by the teacher than he is worried about being mistreated by other students.