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Playing alone at recess and lunch
10/03/2008 at 08:09 AM

Recently my son 6 yrs old has been juggling 'girlfriends'.  He tells a different girl about every 3 days they are his girlfriend and they agree. He chases and hugs them at recess and lunch.  There are only 6 other grade one boys versus 17 girls.  Recently he has told us he had kissed afew and had been playing 'hugging tag'.  I ask him about this and told asked about the schools no touching rule.  My husband has also asked him not tho kiss any girls on the lips.  so now he plays by himself because he feels scolded.  He is not always interested with what the other boys are playing and also says they won't let him play.  What should we do?

I wld reinforce the no touching rule. I also wld encourage your son to socialize through playdates and outside of school activities. I think playdates are great b/c you can oversee what is going on, and you can teach your son how to best behave in social situations. Start w/ one-on-one playdates. Then branch out to social activities that your son enjoys participating in. Maybe if he finds his "nitch", the focus will shift from behavior problem to enjoying the activity and his friends. Best of luck!