Not focusing especially at school
05/18/2008 at 20:31 PM

I have two kids a seven year old and a five year old the problem I'm having is that my seven year old is just not focusing in the class and because of that she's getting left behind in her school work.  Sometimes when she brings the work home I know what she has to do however sometimes she has not a clue because she's just easily distrated and is very slow.  I really need some help this is drving me up the walls.

I know this can be frustrating b/c I'm going through a similar experience w/ my son. Has your daughter been tested for any learning problems? I think first you shld speak to her teacher and voice your concerns. How does your daughter do w/ focusing at home? Sometimes in smaller settings or in one-on-one situations, a child can better learn. Also, does your daughter have any behavior problems? What about problems w/ comprehension? Consider all these things, and if after speaking to the teacher, you feel your daughter needs extra help, have the school test her. There are many services that can be geared to your child's specific needs to help her in the classrm. You may also want to consider speaking to a dr. that specializes in child development. Best of luck to you!


I have not as yet I have brought it to my dr. attention and he's following up on that for me. I spoke to the teacher on many occassion but they are saying she doesn't have a problem she's just slow. It's the same problem I have at home but she has a younger brother so she looks at him not doing the same thing. I'm just waiting on our dr right now because I think something is wrong she gets the work done but when someone is on her back. It was brought to my attention when she was in JK that she's just not focusing at all.


If I were you, I wld go to a specialist and have your daughter tested. Being "slow" can mean a number of things. That's just a label, but you need to get to the root of the problem. You have to find out if this is a comprehension problem or an interfering condition affecting her learning. Start w/ a developmental pediatrician, then maybe a neurologist. Just don't accept "slow" as a diagnosis. Knowing what is going on w/ your child will allow you to better address her needs. I hope this helps.


I got an appointment to see a child development work that was referred by my doctor so I'm just waiting and watching.thanks for the advice and help I hope some of the issues I'm having would be address.


Before you open up the can of worms of classifying her special ed (which WILL impact her for the rest of her educational career) might want to talk to her teacher and figure out where she is struggling. Get the textbooks and go back to square one. She may not be focusing because she's lost, not because she has a learning disability. I'd set up a regular routine of when she does homework/tutoring time and monitor her for a while. See if she shows any improvement.


I spoke to her teacher and to me it seems as though she's not really ocncerned about her. She's saying she's just not focusing in the class. I have the home work routine she would do the work at home but she gets the same work to do at the end of the week she would most time get them wrong. One of things I notice is her work may not be corrected and I've ask the teacher about it and she indicated they would correct the work as a class. Right now I'm pulling my head off because I really want her to do well and it seems as though I'mnot going anywhere. Do you think I should take it to the pricipal but I'm wondering how should I go about this. Can you give me some kind of suggestion I can try in terms of the way I should handle the teacher. I don't want to disrespect anyone I have all respect for teachers but something is really wrond and I just can't put my hand on it. On the test especially in math she's just struggling. What are some of my options in terms of helping her to build her confidence in doing the work with me not being around or some one being on her back to do the work and take her time. I really need help because this is just causing me problems for me because I think I'm not doing enough. Help


Personally speaking, I wld take your daughter for a private evaluation to get tested. The school doesn't even have to know. If she's not focusing, you need to find out why. Did you try talking to your daughter? Obviously the teacher is not an expert in this area. This cld be nothing, but why take the chance? Trust your gut. Getting a private eval doesn't mean your child is going to get stuck w/ a label just like that. At this point, you just want to know what's going on. This cld just be an age thing, or maybe even a problem w/ another student. But rule these things out first.
Also, have you tried getting your daughter a private tutor? Maybe that wld help.
Talking to the principal is another option, but get all the facts first before you take that route. If there's a problem in the classrm, you need to know that too.


I got the appointment to see a specialist so I'm just waiting also it's almost the end of the school year so I'm planning in the summer to see if I could get someone to tutor her but in order for me to start that I would prefer I get the testing done first get the result that would prepare me come September does thing sound like a plan or maybe I should get a tutor to help me with Math and the French in the summer. The thoughts have been reassuring and helpful. Thanks again


My daughter had similar issues and once we got the correct diagnosis, in her case Social Anxiety Disorder, things were better. She did not begin meds for her disorder until after she turned 18, but with patience and eventual home schooling, she did quite well. I hope your situation has as happy an ending. God luck and if you disagree with this specialist, keep on trying!


perhaps you should consult this to her teacher so that the two of you can have an alternative... maybe she just want some attention...


I would schedule a meeting with the teacher to go over areas in math that your daughter is struggling with...that way you are forcing the teacher (and at the same time not being disrespectful) to articulate the areas she needs help. Write them down...this is what you'll focus on during the summer.

Since the school year is almost over, I would go to your local teacher supply store and pick up a math book for the current grade your daughter is finishing.

I would assign daily work for your daughter throughout the entire summer...and you can check it each day (make sure you get a workbook with an answer key!) and work with her on problems she doesn't understand.

The idea is to go over what the next teacher will assume your daughter has mastered and to make sure those skills/concepts are learned. This is the best way to help build your daughter's confidence. If she's behind in math next year, it's only going to make her feel worse in school.

You could look into math tutoring during the summer...there are professional organizations or you can hire a college math major to do it for an hourly'd be surprised how cheap you can find them, and they might have more patience to work on these skills.

Hope that helps!



My daughter almost 7, is going through the same exact thing. I can't get her to focus or finish her school work while at school. Then when she comes home, it takes her hours to finish. She's always complaining that she doesn't know how or doesn't understand although I explain it to her many times. But, then, she is slow with everything she does, changing her clothes, using the restroom, showering, brushing her teeth, etc..... Where am I supposed to get her tested?


Yes I agreed that we should consult to a good Teacher with brief discussion on this topic and we will get a positive result in advancement.I have the same questions and would like any info any of you can supply.

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