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At my wits end!
10/01/2009 at 16:53 PM

My son is in 3rd grade. During kindergarten we had MANY problems with his behavior at school. In fact there were times the principal would call me and tell me I had to come to the school because they couldn't control his temper tantrum.

To back up, I will explain that he is a perfectionist and he has some anxiety issues, so if he doesn't do something perfect the first time he gets angry and frustrated.

The problem got better during the year and we did not see many of the issues come back in 1st or 2nd grade. Now all of a sudden in 3rd grade he is acting up again in the form of basically not listening to what he is being told. He flat out refuses to do the work he is being asked to do like writing in a composition note book every day or reading. If the day starts going badly, it's almost like he gives up and gets in trouble on purpose. His teacher has told me that he talks in a disrespectful tone to her or will just ignore her.

My issue is that he is a VERY WELL behaved child at home. In fact he loves to read as our whole family does. We all read on our own each evening. We get compliments from his friends' parents all the time at how well behaved he is. The only time he acts up is at school. He rarely talks in a disrespectful tone with us and if he does we tell him it is not acceptable and he apologizes. Is he just bored????

I am not trying to justify his bad behavior in any way, but I feel like he is acting this way because he is extremely bored and am not sure what I can say to the teacher about it. HELP

Have him tested to see if he is gifted and if so they should have classes that will be more fitting for him. I also suggetsed you spend some time in the classrooom. Maybe a change of teachers is in order. Judy P

Could you observe him at school? Maybe it would help you figure out what the problem is if you could see what is going on there.