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Grown children treat me like I'm stupid, and are mean.
09/14/2011 at 15:19 PM

My daughters treat me like a second class citizen, and so do their husbands. No matter what I say they will disagree or argue with me or tell me, I'm wrong. I can say black and they will say white, no matter what the topic. True we don't have the material wealth, and we have debt due to health reasons (I had cardiac arrest 7 years ago)and on a number of meds. But no matter where we are, they either ignore me or treat me like they are above me. I am sensitive but it hurts and its getting worse. I feel worthless. Even my oldest granddaughter (in college) is beginning to treat me this way when I get the chance to see her. I am going back into child care to help ends meet and have had to charge some of my equipment to get going. Its not an option. But others think I'm pretty good with children, and I love working with them. But I can see them "looking down their noses at what I do".

I think 5:00 is a little too early.

In my area, most after school activities (sports, academic clubs etc.) don't end until 5:00 and then she would need time to get home.

If she is involved in after school activities sponsored by teh school, I think you should let her participate no questions asked. Anything else can be evaluated on a case by case basis I think. Maybe she wants to have dinner and watch a prime time show at a friends house? If homework and chores were done, I'd let her stay out until an hour or so before you expect her to go to bed.


I think this is just a behavior that has turned into a habit. Share your vision with him of how going to school ought to look. Ask him to help you make that story the true story. Then, on a Saturday, practice 3 or four times. Tell him that on Monday, it might still be hard to make it work, and that he can get better at it every day. Celebrate small successes as he achieves them.

Hi , i faced the same thing when i dropped my son at the kindergarten on day one. But slowly he adapted and liked going to school.Thanks to Mother's Pride school who really took care of my son .