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My anxious/rushy son
12/06/2011 at 18:33 PM

I have a 6 year old first grader son who is a very different personality at school (and usually at new places) than what he is when my husband or I are around. He gets overwhelmed by the other students, so much so that the teacher sees him always rushing his work or answers. He somehow wants to prove that he has done his work that is assigned to him and show the same to others. He responds very shyly to teacher’s answers, never raises his hand to answer to begin with. He tends to think a lot about what others might be thinking of him. He also has a desperate need of social acceptance and making friends. He is much more at ease at home as his regular self. I know I have clubbed a lot of issues here but I am not sure what should we do to calm him. He is very good academically and is a responsible child when it comes to dealing with his younger brother. Any advise and ideas on what should we be doing will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Help him to turn his attention to other things. When I was a teenager a woman I know said "You wouldn't worry so much about what other people think of you if you realized how little time they spend doing it." Start some sort of hobby that the two of you can share--rock collecting, digital photography, pet care, . . . and then get involved with a large group of others.