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My 5yr old son exposed himself at school today.
08/31/2012 at 14:30 PM

He is an above average student who never got into any kind of trouble in kindergarten last year, he was the teachers pet! The school called asking to paddle him and I said NO! I'm sure he won't do it again as he is terrified of getting into trouble at all. I'm also sure there's more to the story I don't know yet! I don't want to shame him or make him feel dirty or perverse. From what I've read this is a very common thing for his age. Any suggestions on how to handle this and the school?

So normal! I am a kindergarten teacher and this happens every year. Most often in community bathrooms. Kids have never used them before without their parents. They also have never used urinals. Unlike grown men kinders pull their pants all the way down. When you think about it until school being exposed was normal. Diapers, potty traing, bath time, and helping him dress. Now he is realizing that parts are truly private and if exposed he gets a reaction. Five year old boys will do anything for attention. Positive or not if he got it while exposed that's enough. The school should understand but be diligent. I promise they don't think anythings wrong or gross with your child but if they are strict this helps teach him quickly the severity of the action. Needless to say a paddling is a little harsh. I would just have a conversation with your child. Typically after both these things occur the issue is solved. If not the school councilor is a great reference.

i would say this is normal, i have heard of children doing this. it would be when they are older and doing this that would bring me some worry.

The term "exposed himself" threw me for a loop. If he is 5, that seems normal. The mom above who talked about kids going to the bathroom alone for the first time made a good point. You need to get the full story, and then have a talk with your kid. He was probably just messing around. Good luck!