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2yrs 9mth autistic child eats sand/dirt/rocks
02/10/2013 at 04:09 AM

I have a 2yr 9mth old non verbal autistic son who continually eats pretty much anything but normal food.
The main things he eats is sand/dirt/window ceils/ rocks and occasionally wood/paper.
He has had his bottle since birth, and now still as it on avg 3 times a day. He occasionally has juice and water but it is still from the bottle. We have tried sippy cups and normal cups but he.wont go near them.
On an average day he eats bread with tomato sauce, twisties, and his bottle.
We have recently got him eating plain cooked pasta no sauce, and pizza without topping.
I honestly am lost at what to do. As the more food we try with him the more he wants his.bottle and the more he eats random things.
Can anyone help???

Im sorry! This must be so frustrating. I teach kinder and want you to know that all kids are different and not everything will work for every child so try to not get discouraged. I would meet with the teacher and create a behavior contract. I have one with a student who earns superheroes that I Velcro to his desk if he is good. A certain number gets him extra computer time. If he gets them all he gets a call home. Some kids just need extra positive reinforcement. If this doesn't work their should be clear meaningful consequences. For example my child looses five minutes on the computer if he can't earn any superheroes through the day. He doesn't loose all time but does feel some regret when he has to sit out in the beginning. If it continues, try getting the behavior specialist, councilor,or intervention team involved at the school. They have wonderful insight and resources. The most important thing is that the other kids are safe and the teacher remains patient and loving.

It sounds like he is angry about something. Have you asked about it, if he is angry at something at home or at school.

I also need help with my son at school and really don't know what to do. He turned 5 years old on December 13, I feel that his report cards doesn't mach at all with his knowledge. he is almost reading, recognizes letters and sounds, doesn't make connections between letters very well yet but is trying and is reading a lot of words. I do all the homework with him but according to the school he doesn't know anything. I feel they have tried to tell me that is a kid with special needs. I'm really exhausted with the school and is just the beginning. He speaks English, Spanish and is learning mandarin at school. Thank you for your help.

I have never met your son so I can't say fully but I can give you some info. I only know my state standards but our Kinders must be writing sentences with inventive spelling, proper punctuation, and capitalization on their own. They also should be reading some short repetitive text on their own as well as know at least 15 high frequency words by this time of the year. I know that is shocking and I don't agree with standards often but they have changed kindergarten a lot even in just the past five years. We have some standards now that we're previously for second grade. As for them assuming sped that is ridiculous. At his young age it is crazy to even think you could begin to diagnose. His brain isn't even fully developed. I also teach ESL and work at a dual language campus and I do know that if a child hasn't mastered one language befor they learn a second it will delay mastering both. They need the first language to help build the second. This might also be the issue.

Hi, Every mother or father has the right to do whatever they experience is right but in my encounter kids that are spanked at house are usually the one's that misbehave at School. Well, let your son write down what he should and should not be doing in class, make a Behavior Contract that he signs and that can be put up in the classroom so the teacher can re-focus him. Thanks, Parenting Contract Guide at Homecontract.org