2yrs 9mth autistic child eats sand/dirt/rocks
02/10/2013 at 01:09 AM

I have a 2yr 9mth old non verbal autistic son who continually eats pretty much anything but normal food.
The main things he eats is sand/dirt/window ceils/ rocks and occasionally wood/paper.
He has had his bottle since birth, and now still as it on avg 3 times a day. He occasionally has juice and water but it is still from the bottle. We have tried sippy cups and normal cups but he.wont go near them.
On an average day he eats bread with tomato sauce, twisties, and his bottle.
We have recently got him eating plain cooked pasta no sauce, and pizza without topping.
I honestly am lost at what to do. As the more food we try with him the more he wants his.bottle and the more he eats random things.
Can anyone help???