My 4 Year Old Having Trouble in Kindergarten
11/07/2012 at 17:35 PM

My Son has been in Kindergarten for 2 months now. He is a very smart boy. He has known his alphabet for a long time, can recognize all his letters and the sounds they make. He sits down, and can sound out words to read books....But when he is at school the teacher has a very hard time getting him to focus or pay attention. She says he is always humming or singing. I just had his parent teacher interview, and after talking with the teacher she had know idea about the things my son new, as he always says " I dont know". She has a very hard time getting him to talk to her. She says that he is physically there, but not mentally. He is also having alot of trouble making friends. She says its like he is very nervous to talk to the other children, so he usually plays alone. We get notes daily about what they did that day in class that he was unable to do, but when we ask him the same questions, or do the same activity he gets everything right without hesitation. I am at a total loss as to what I should do. It really bothers me that they think he is struggling with the work when he finds it so easy at home. Any ideas?