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Maybe not my child afterall?
02/21/2008 at 11:40 AM

Hi - I have a almost six year old son that has and is having behavioral issues in class but his learning skills have been proficent. Recentley the teacher had decided to have a notebook with daily bad and good things written regarding my son for the past week. I have found that my sons is seeing the notebook as a trouble / tatletale book. He has been agressive and very frustrated with others. I tried to get a meeting with the teacher & pricipal and concluding the book and making a new book with just smile & sad faces depending on the activity and then allowing my child to reward the happy face and explain the sad face. Since I was not able to get an appt within 2 weeks - I pulled the teacher a side one day after a field trip and spoke with her about the situation. She and I actually have not had problems with my son since her and I spoke. Maybe the problem was not with him afterall? Lets keep promoting a better tommorrow! First time mom!