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Listening in KG/ staying on task
09/22/2009 at 13:09 PM

I am having trouble with my Kindergartner. He doesn't always listen or stay on task, so the teacher spends a lot of time helping him. He has had classwork sent home once or twice to finish at home.

I've met w/ his teacher twice now (last time was 2 weeks ago) and she said she thinks he will grow out of this. Today, his teacher has requested that we talk again. 

What can we do at home to help him? I want him to enjoy school. So far, I don't think he is. :-(

My kids came home from Kindergarten just exhausted.  I think they need lots of sleep partly because of the stress at school, and partly just because they are having a growth spurt. 


My first advice would be to take a deep breath and relax!

"He doesn't always listen or stay on task" That is a hallmark sign of a K child, especially if they have never been in a structured program before.  Most kids that age have a difficult time just understanding the concept of staying on task.

Talk with the teacher find out if it isspecific activities or certain situations or times that he has the most trouble with.  Talk about the routines they have in K. 

  •  How about practicing reading or circle time at home?  You explain what you are going to do and what the expectations of him are, " I'm going to read a story, I need you to sit and listen, then we'll talk about it or play a game after"  Remember to praise or reward him with a favorite activity when he can sit and listen to an entire story.
  • Find hands on activities like craft projects based on what they are doing in school - learning letters, numbers, concepts, words etc - color pictures, play games where you identify colors or shapes - praise and reward him for following directions/completing a project.

Talk to him about school, what is his favorite activity ( besides recess LOL), what things does he not like so much, can you talk about it and why he needs to do it, can you build in a reward at home for having a good day at school, maybe a special treat, or take a walk to the park, play a favorite game etc.

Get input from the teacher but remember K is more about learning how to get along with others, follow rules  and routines and he is learning how to learn!  Help him understand that learning can be fun, but that he has boundaries and understands what he isexpected to do at school.




Thanks, I am still waiting to hear from his teacher on when she can talk.

I like the idea of doing things at home to encourage good listening skills, like reading a story and then talking about it. We do that now, but not in a 'structured' way, I bet that would help.


Midgie, I am going through the same thing with my daughter.  My heart is breaking for her.  I've been told just last week that she doesn't feel comfortable passing her on to first grade (yes, here we are in January and the school year isn't over until June) All of the research I've done shows that retention at this level doesn't work.  I know that in my daughter's case it would be detramental.  Best of luck to you - let us know how you make out.



Same problem here. Wont stay on task becos poor motor skills make it diff to write. Teacher says a problem and thinks he is sp needs. does not matter if he stays on track on non writing activities.

If you still have concerns, take your children to be evaluated outside of school just to be sure there are no other issues causing this behavior. It may be nothing, but it's always good to rule things out for peace of mind. Also, use a lot of positive reinforcement at home when your children do listen and stay on task. Talk to the teacher, and make sure she is doing this in the classrm as well so there's consistency. Stickers, treats or small toys work great. As for the handwriting, practice at home doing hands on activities that will help strengthen your children's fine motor skills (coloring, tracing, cutting, playdough, etc.) I hope this helps. Best of luck!