Kids stole my son’s money at school
09/22/2009 at 10:08 AM

My son graduated from elementary school last year and started junior high at different private school.  Some kids at the school stole couple of dollars from him recently.  My son is frightened and he wants be quiet about this.  He just wants to go different school.  What should I do?  Should I report this to principle?   Should I try to contact the parents of kids who stole my son’s money?  Should I leave these issues to my son to resolve on his own?  We are Asian-American and the kids in my son’s school are mostly Caucasians.  I am not comfortable with confronting or making issues. 

If anybody had similar situation, please give me some advice.  Thanks

What would you want to have happen if it was turned around?  If your son was the one who had stolen money, would you rather he got away with it, or would you rather he got caught?  If you were responsible for what happened at a school, would you rather know if a student was stealing, or not?  But I would tell the principal.  That's the principal's job, to contact parents. 

My husband is not comfortable with confrontation, so I end up doing it.  It's a little scary. 

I would also suggest a that you find a good martial arts teacher.  My kids took Karate, their Sensei was very clear that he taught a self-defence class, and they would be in deep trouble if they ever started a fight, but it gave them confidence that they could take care of themselves in a pinch.


Thanks for your quick reply.  I will make an appointment with the principle.  I don’t know what a principle can do but I hope she intervenes appropriately without making situation more difficult for my Son. And I will consider martial art class for confidence training.    Thanks.  Bill.