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Kids and School Shootings! Help ! Please Read!!!!
04/24/2009 at 23:40 PM

I first want to apologize in advance for possibly sounding dumb, I have never placed a blog ever, but after what happend today with my 8 yr. old son today, I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing or doing enough.
To start a little back ground, I am married to wonderful man and father to my kids. We have 3 kids 8 yr. old son, 6 daughter and 6 mo. daughter. We'er not over protective or under protective parents were just parents who will do anything to protect our kids from harms way, teaching them right from wrong, be kind to all and love all.
Today my 8 yr. old son came home from school on the bus. Yes, he takes the bus unfortunitly due to us being a one car family in order to allow me to be a stay at home mom to our kids.
Anyhow, there was a kid (I will call him James) who my son told me at the beinging of the school year was taking his bus in the afternoon with him and is in first grade. He said that James was'nt very friendly and seemed like he was a bully. My son who is in third grade is kind and is friends with everyone. He's has never been in trouble at school and nothing major at home just the normal sibling stuff at home. I reminded my son maybe because he was new and he didn't know anyone he was shy and not to pass judgement until he gets to know him.
My son and the kids on his bus are children in a special ed class for mild to moderate children with disabilities. This ranges from speech delays, mild autisom, adhd, but nothing beyond that.
Through out the year my son never really was able to communicate with James.
Today my son seemed upset when he got off the bus and told my husband and I that James was loud on the bus and my son asked him to be quite and apparently James did not take it very well and told my son in front of the bus driver that he was going to bring a gun to school and kill my son and himself. Immediatly I contacted the school principal, the special ed principal, the transportation dept., and the authorities. All seemed concerned, the bus driver confirmed all of this to the special ed principal who advised me and my husband that she would have to investigate this and then see what they will do about this and get back to us. The school pricipal seemed more concered maybe because she is on campus all the time as the special ed principal is at different locations everday. The transportation dept is having the bus driver write up a report and do who knows what with it. As for the authorities our local sheriff's, they took a report, gave me a case number however no criminal charges were pressed because this matter has to be turned over to the school authorities to investigate.
Now I could understand how everbody involved needs to get both sides of the stories, however when you have a young child making such threats these days, I feel as a parent I have the responsibility to other children and parents to make sure this young child is given help immediately from harming himself or others. I did advise the both principals and the authorities that my son will not be returning to campus until this child James is replaced to another location or my husband and I will school our son at home for the remainder of the school year.
I feel I have'nt done enough to protect my son's schoolmates, teachers and anybody involved.
Do I notify the local media possibly to get the school to take this more seriously?
I have never thought this could ever happen to us. Would I be going over board to go to the local media just so the school authorities take some action. I mean how much more do you need to investigate, the bus driver heard it. I was told by the special ed principal and the deputy who took the report that since today is friday that they can't do anything so I hope and pray in the meantime that James family does nothing to set Jame's off, since they have no idea that their child may be needing help beyond them.
I need immediate input, please! Should I do more or could I and what more can I do>

No, don't call the papers. You have done everything right so far. But, if it was an idle threat from a little boy, and you tell the newspapers, they WILL have an obligation to tell the world. It is not fair to either James or the newspapers. If the school authorities had been non-responsive, that would be a different problem, but they are obviously taking appropriate action. I hope that they will provide extra vigilance over James, it sounds to me like they will.

Sounds to me just like a child mouthing off idle threats but in a country which has the atrocious gun laws that America has, what else do you expect.

Please cite the atrocious gun laws that you speak of.

In first grade, this kid is like 6 years old. Make sure someone has called his parents to report his threat and ask if they have guns in the house. I don't think it's necessary to call the newspaper. Tell your son to leave the kid alone. If the kid is loud then ignore him.

You did the right thing removing your son from school. I wld do the same thing. This kid cld just be talking the talk, but God for bid he has access to a gun and he meant what he said, you can never be too careful. I didn't see in your post that "James" was reprimanded in any way. He didn't get suspended? If not, I'm shocked. I wld think the school wld have the sense to suspend this boy while the investigation is going on. In a case like this, I don't see how there's room for innocent until proven guilty. Also, why shld you be the one removing your son from school? He did nothing wrong. Many people say things that they don't mean. I cldn't tell you how many times I've said, "I cld kill you." The problem is we have no choice but to jump when something such as this is said in a school setting. Unfortunately b/c of the recent incidents of school shootings, we have to take every precaution necessary to keep our children safe. It's a shame that it has to be this way, but do we have any other choice? Good for you for taking a stand! The best you can do now is to notify other parents of the incident so they too can take action. Give the school some time to investigate the matter, but press the issue about "James" being suspended. The media is a good tool to fall back on, or otherwise hire a lawyer. The threat alone shld get the school off its butt to do more in a quicker fashion.