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Is it wrong to motivate children with money?
02/04/2014 at 18:37 PM

Before any one thinks that I am saying that I "pay" my children to learn - let me first explain my story.

I have worked several years in the school system and I have used "incentives" as a way of motivating my children to learn: playing games, making reading fun, and actually working through the homework with them. I have also told them "No" to anything else until your school work is done or your grades improve.

But one Christmas in 2012 I created a Christmas gift - a book for my children and I poured all the things (in a basic easy to understand way) that I believed would motivate my children to learn. The kids loved it and even convinced me to publish the book.

Here comes the rub: I received an email from a book critic who tells me that my title is BORING.. His reasoning: because I used the word RICH in my title.

My decision to use the word Rich in my title was to drive the point home - what child does not dream of being rich and successful?
The goal of the book is to teach children that if you want a better life, a better quality of life - it starts with school, with a love of learning.

So I ask you: is my title boring because I used the word Rich?

Title of the book: "for children how to become Rich, Successful and Do well in school"

I know of no child that wants to become rich and successful. They want to be happy. If they want to be rich, that's the way you taught them to be, and I find that shallow.

I have to agree with that last comment. You instil your own values on your child and money is certainly not the most important thing in life. Children do not want to be rich! And I have to agree, I personally don't like the title eithebr. It's not very catchy, too long, and irrelevant.

Title is used to grab your audience. If the purpose of the book is to teach children to be rich, successful and do well in school, then simplify your title.“ABC’s for a child’s success” or “Basics for a successful child” I don’t think you are being shallow because you want to provide the proper foundation for your child. US is the way it is because society is depending on the “education system” to teach our children. The education system does not teach children how to succeed in life. They are more worried about what others think-law suits. They are more concerned about teaching children about sex education, same sex relations are ok and other things of no value. We need to teach children about being “rich” at an early age because those children are going to be responsible for “us or U. S.” and our future generations.

US society has been teaching children “don’t worry” have sex early, get a kid, collect food stamps and depend on the Federal government forever. Why get educated or learn when you can get money for free? Well, just like any well, the well will becomes dried. Then what? What will the parent be saying when they failed to educate their child to succeed? Play the blame game and blame the government? Well elections are coming and you as the parent need to do your research before casting your vote! Who is your servant and working for you? Who is feathering their caps and thinking of themselves? If you don't vote, then you are as guilty as those who do vote. You have a choice to better this nation. Fight for the United States and make this a better country! Take action and VOTE!

Son’s view (age 10): I would not want to be rich. That’s not what child hood should be about. It should be about having fun and spending time with your family while you still can. One day a kid needs to grow up. Whatever they believe in during the time that they grow up should be their feelings not yours. Kids are not too serious until they get out of their teens. That may seem like a long time but children now are different. If you want your kids to read books, then like books yourself. You can’t make your kids like something you don’t. However your kid is born is how they are born be thankful for them. All I’m trying to say is let them be a “KID” for as long as they want. You should try being a kid too. I think the whole book is wrong don’t force them to be grownups to young in their lives because you only live once. Make the book have a point system or something. The title to your book should be what a kid would understand like “Points Mean Prizes”.

There are many ways to motivate children and if we look hard enough, all can attract criticism. At times, I do use money to motivate my children. I use a variety of methods and try to teach different lessons. I want them to be aware of different motivations in life and how to use these methods to their advantage.

I go by bonus points. Once he adds 50, I get him a game or a toy. Just doing what was done to me. People really need to stop fretting about buying into your kid's good behavior, afterall, we are now part of a generation of kids that was pretty spoiled to begin with. the 80's were a pretty good time to be a kid. Why should mine have to be disciplined differently? Because he was born after 9-11? I'm not in this to make my kid miserable by comparison. Quite the contrary. I want him to have even more than I had. By the way, some of my old toys are being given to him gradually as well. Those transformers are the ones he treasures the most. Dad's little pride and joy ;_;

I like the Bonus Points system as well.

The title is not boring actually, but its a little too heavy for a kid to understand. Happy - is the right term to use.

Maybe wrong choice of word/words. But can be a motivation for the kids. It's just about the explanation, just explain to them that if they want to be rich and get what they want, toys, foods, games, etc.., they have to study well in school.