Is it wrong to motivate children with money?
02/04/2014 at 15:37 PM

Before any one thinks that I am saying that I "pay" my children to learn - let me first explain my story.

I have worked several years in the school system and I have used "incentives" as a way of motivating my children to learn: playing games, making reading fun, and actually working through the homework with them. I have also told them "No" to anything else until your school work is done or your grades improve.

But one Christmas in 2012 I created a Christmas gift - a book for my children and I poured all the things (in a basic easy to understand way) that I believed would motivate my children to learn. The kids loved it and even convinced me to publish the book.

Here comes the rub: I received an email from a book critic who tells me that my title is BORING.. His reasoning: because I used the word RICH in my title.

My decision to use the word Rich in my title was to drive the point home - what child does not dream of being rich and successful?
The goal of the book is to teach children that if you want a better life, a better quality of life - it starts with school, with a love of learning.

So I ask you: is my title boring because I used the word Rich?

Title of the book: "for children how to become Rich, Successful and Do well in school"