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HELP..Eleven year old out of control
09/22/2009 at 13:07 PM

I am a homemaker, married with 2 boys. One is 9 and the other 11. I consider our family to be pretty solid. My husband of 11 years is awesome with the kids and things are great, but my 11 year old son is growing up too fast.He is in to girls. and I'm not talking about the cute oh shes my girlfriend type of thing...when he likes a girl he developes serious feelings.

We have spoke to him and told him he is too young to have girlfriends and needs to concentrate more in school.His grades are terrible. I have asked for help and our district doesn't offer tutoring but an after school program which we tried and is a joke.Alls they did was do their homework and play in the gym. I feel like a failure as a stay at home mom.He has a smart mouth and has become disrespectful to other adults. I am going crazy because i do not understand where this is coming from.

Just today he was caught kissing this girl on the bus.HELP..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What more can i say to him.What can i do?????????????????


 A couple of things ocurred to me.  One is actual medical hormonal imbalance--I don't know, is that just too freaky?  Maybe a phone call to your pediatrician would be a good idea.  Another is media influence.  It seems to me that the shows I catch glimpses of on TV portray sexual relationships as being the norm.  I watched an episode of "That 70's show" because I grew up in the 70's and I thought that it would be all right.  WHEW, NOT!  Check your internet history to be aware of what he is accessing online. 

One of my sons was accessing pornography in 5th grade.  He is 16 now, and I think we've finally got that addressed.  He wasn't acting out with real live girls, so it wasn't a problem at school.