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frustrated and clueless about what to do!
10/08/2013 at 16:14 PM

My son is 4 years old and just started junior kindergarten (half days) he has never been in any sort of program before this and he is an only child. My husband is in the military so we have moved around a bit, so that resulted in not having any friends to play with. He is in a split class with senior kindergarteners. The first week of school the teacher started asking me to stay behind to talk to me about my sons behavior. Apparently he wasn't listening or answering to his name, he wasn't playing well with the other children and being overly touchy with them. Iv tried so many things with him to teach him about respect, listening and making good choices i feel like my whole day is used for prepping for those 3 hours of school he has in the morning. I'm not getting any good feed back from the teacher only negative. Last week she suggested that i get him checked out by my doctor because he wasn't behaving like the other kids in his class. Today she was saying he still wasn't playing well with the kids and was starting to get shunned from the other kids. This is breaking my heart,i always thought he would thrive in school hes such a bright kid! he loves to learn and is always asking questions i have seen that awkwardness with other kids in the mornings when i drop him off but when i have one on one play dates he plays fine. Im not to sure what to do?! I'm feeling like the teacher has a really high standard and iv been hearing some things that worry me about the teacher as well from multiple parents. For instance shes known for telling parents every bad thing their child does (even really little things bother her)I even had a parent tell me to get my child out of her class as quick as possible. I'm so bad at confrontation so i have no idea how to go about this problem on the school side should i try to get him switched to the other kindergarten class?If so how do i go about doing this? Hes a very high energy kid so i understand how he can be a handful sometimes but i never thought it would come to this :( Any advice would be appreciated! thanks!