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Dysnomia vs ADD
10/04/2008 at 05:43 AM

We just recently had my 10 year old son tested to see if he has a learing disability vs ADD.  He has problems with math, he struggles with the basic math facts and spelling.  His spelling is terrible.  He is not a behavior problem at all but does daydream and has issues with organization.  Our testing reveled he has Dysnomia, which there is not much out there on this subject.  They say it can look like ADD because the kids shut down if things get to complicated and they get lost.

I guess I'm not completely convinced he still does not have some component of ADD, especially with his daydreaming.  Our school has been very accomadating, to the point of helping us put a 504 plan in place for him. 

Does anyone have any experiece with this diagnosis and or this and ADD together?

Never heard of Dysnomia. My son is 5, and he has some learning difficulties. He too will shut down or get silly if the work is too hard for him. He also has somewhat of a focusing problem. If you find out anything about Dysnomia, please let us know. I'd be very interested in learning more about it. I'm always seeking for answers and better ways to help my son. Like I said, he's only 5, so we're still trying to figure him out. It was just brought to our attention by my son's PT, that she sees sensory issues in which he seeks input before he's able to focus on a specific task. By input I mean he needs to maybe lie on a soft blanket or squeeze a rubber ball or just run to get out his energy. We're still learning about this new development, as every day is a new challenge. I wish you all the best with your son.