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Crying at School in the AM
09/18/2007 at 18:01 PM

My son began kindergarten this year and he cries when I drop him off. He attended daycare, so the seperation is not new to him. He does thrive on a routine and doesn't like change. I have tried to prepare him and even took him to the school a couple of times before the school year started. The school is familiar to him because he has an older sister there (3rd grade). I just do not know what else to do to help him feel comfortable.  His Dad took him twice and he didn't cry, so he is going to take him again tomorrow. However, his schedule doesn't allow him to take him every morning and I enjoy taking him. I just have a hard time emotional leaving him. Any suggestions to help ease him into this new routine.  Kathi

My son also cried in the Am and the was fine all day long for first two weeks.  I also have a third grader who wanted to get to school early to have recess before school, so I started taking them about 20 min. before bell rings so they can play and it seems to have helped kindergartener (no more crying!).