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Class Clown
08/07/2007 at 16:42 PM

My 13 year old daughter is a calss clown. She never used to behave as badly as she is doing now usally just a detention but now she is on the brink of exclusion. Her main problem lies with one teacher and often once she is in trouble with her for the day the rest of her lessons she seems to act up in. She is a popular well liked girl and is top of her year in P:E also she is in top set for all her subjects so i can`t see a reason for her acting up. One reason in which one of her teacher pointed out is her extreamly good sense of humour and her abiltiy to reduce the hole class into histerics. He sugested a carer in entertainment but im not sure. Please help.

Hi there, my children arent at this age level..yet..! but i can only but give you my opinion which will probably change by the time mine reach this point!! Your daughter sounds highly intelligent, is she aware of how severe an exclusion is? Have you set some punishments if she is to recieve an exclusion? Im taking from her age that she is likely to be in first grade of high school, so she may be trying to settle in and this is her way. As to the one teacher that seems to have the issue with her behaviour perhaps ask for a meeting with them both present, yourself and possably her year coordinator. She just needs to hear from the teacher that there is a time and a place for humour and that she enjoys it (afterall everyone needs a good laugh!) but it does unsettle the class and perhaps she could take on a more leadership role in keeping the class focoused and then once outcomes are achieved that's the time to enjoy....I dont see her as a naughty child who really falls in the true category of an exclusion/suspension be thankful she is not getting caught wagging, smoking or in trouble with the police.



Sense of humor is great! However, under any circumstances, foolish behavior should not be tolerated at any level. NO student should be allowed to take learning from other students - BOTTOM LINE!