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bad behavior
03/19/2008 at 13:16 PM

I have a 7 year old at home, who academically is doing very well, however I am having problems in school, he does not listen, he lies all of which is the total opposite at home.  I am so  frustrated.  He lives at home with both his parents with all the love from both his maternal and paternal grandparents.  Our son is not in need of anything.  It is so frustrating.  We do discipline him

What kind of things does your son lie about at school?  Did he get in trouble recently and perhaps thought if he, he would avoid getting in trouble?  How does he not listen?  Does he refuse to do his work?  Have you spoken w/ the teacher in person on more than one occasion?  ...................My 1st grade daughter had a recent episode of,  "I don't have to do my work or listen, etc just because I don't feel like it." over the last few months.  She's in the top of her class in all subjects, so capability wasn't the issue and there's no trauma going on either.  I made sure she understood that by simply refusing to do work because she didn't feel like it will cost her....She enjoys eating lunch w/ me on fridays because that's her "mommy & me" time.  She doesn't get much anymore because school's in session and she also has 2 younger sisters that take up some of my time.  I told her she would now have to earn her friday lunches w/ me and it only took her to 2 fridays without mommy for lunch  to realize I meant business. 

maybe he i spoiled by you...