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4yr old out of control in school! Help!
12/16/2010 at 14:28 PM

Our son is acting completely inappropriately at school and we do not know what to do. Today we were told that everyone was doing projects on a white board and our son proceeded to go over to all of his classmates white boards and start erasing them. He would NEVER be this rude outside of school. At home, he has his moments, but the majority of the time, he is a typical 4 year old boy. He seems to know his limits everywhere else, but when it comes to school and kids his own age, he has zero social skills. The teachers says he is possibly the smartest kid she has in the class, but he is literally unable to play with peers. We have him in Karate in a class that is 4.5-12 year olds and while he does some 4 year old behavior, he acts appropriately during training and during the obstacle course which ends the class. We always ask him if he would do those things at Karate and he says "Oh, no or else I would have to do pushups." So he can control his behavior, but why is he acting like this in class. Granted, his school is bound by policies to discipline outside of redirecting and positive praise, so we are really at a loss. I think that if the punishment does not outweight the act, why would he stop doing it? I can really use some advice because I am at a complete loss. If we can reign in our child, we will have a very stress free existence. Thank you.

Is it possible for you to sit in on his class to observe his behavior?