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3rd grader not able to complete work
09/24/2007 at 22:29 PM

My 8 yr old has had  on ongoing problem in school of completing his work.  He can do the work, it's getting him to complete it. He has had to sit in for recess and lunch to complete things. I am concerned he has a learning disablity. help


You didn't say if your child needs help in all areas or a particular subject.  But I know in third grade a lot of the work begins to rely on reading directions which can hold a child up if their reading skills are not strong enough for the child to work independently. 

Sometimes a child can lack motivation or needs help budgeting time.  Perhaps a small timer would be useful in keeping your 3rd grader on task for sections of work at a time (with help from the teachers: ie, complete _____ in the next  # minutes)

Perhaps it may be as simple as the person your child sits near is a distraction. 

Not knowing your child and more about the work/ teacher, etc. these are only a few suggestions and ideas (I am sure others will have ideas that may be different).  In any case, I hope these are helpful.  If you haven't already, it's not too early to request a meeting with your child's teacher to suggest your concerns, you should not feel you are alone in dealing with your child's education/learning issues.

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Here is the response from his teacher-
"he can do third grade work. He
is very capable. He "pittles" in  class and doesn't
pay attention. he doesn't finish his work, therefore
he has to stay in to finish at recess. It is not because
he has learning difficulties, it is because he has
poor study habits. We will continue to work on

This has been the constant things I have heard since 1st grade "He can do the work, he's just not completing it" so it is in all areas.  He has been doing great as far as behavior.


I am so glad I found this website because I too have a child that is failing simply because he is not doing the work at school.  I know he can do the work because we do the exact same work at home.  I have started giving him assignments but timing him and leaving the room just to see if he can stay focused on the work long enough to complete it.  He always finishes before the time is up and the answers are at least 90% correct.  So I know he can do it.  My son is only failing reading.  So I have concluded that once my son leaves his reading group with his teacher, she gives them work assignments to complete on their own but my son just gets distracted and off task.  I think he needs someone that is more firmer that will stay  on to him about completing his work.  I really like the idea of sending the timer to school but I am concerned that the teacher will not strongly inforce using it.  I am so depressed right now because I do not know what to do.  So I really need help with solutions....