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2nd grader not listening in class
01/14/2008 at 23:25 PM

I am having problems with my second grader listening to her teacher.  I think she is a very bright child, but lately she has been having problems in her work at school, mainly phonics.  She has mild hearing loss and her dad and I bought her hearing aids to accomodate her mild loss.  She wears them in class and according to her hearing tests she is now hearing in the normal range.  In class when she has phonics tests she is mainly getting her work wrong because of not listening and/or reading the directions.  She is a very good reader and is ahead of schedule on her AR points and rarely makes anything but 100 on her AR tests.  Her teacher says she is playing in her desk and playing with her shoes instead of listening to directions.  Also during phonics lessons she is not paying attention.  I have tried taking different privaleges away from her with no change in her behavior.  Can someone give me some advice?

Just checking-- is she sitting close to the teacher?  I know that is real basic, but it surprises me how often the kids with poor vision and no glasses are also at the back of the classroom.  Then they get glasses and so they "look like they can't see" and then they are at the front of the classroom.  And last year my best friend's boy, who was having behavior problems, when we finally took him out of school altogether, his desk was at the very back of the classroom.  So it was easier for him to space out.


She sits in the front desk with the teacher standing right next to her most of the time.  This helps with her hearing problem even though she does have hearing aids.



Hi, I have had the same issue with my son - so we have "carrots" we offer for doing good listening in class.  The teacher informs me daily how the "listening" was and it earns him a great day sticker - 20 stickers earn something cool - like opening a new computer/video game, a special outing etc.  I also have treats for their good days such as a kinder egg, or a piece of gum...right now he has lost his pokemon cards so is earning them back - the teacher tells me how many he earned through the day and if he's had a great day he gets one extra.  Anything to encourage his listening skills.  If he has not had a great day we do "homework" until bedtime - no tv. no games, it means reading, some math practice, some worksheets I print out...whatever - the idea being it is easier to just do it right - listen well in class and get rewards, or make the choice to do homework until bedtime.  This has worked great for me - the extra homework has helped him improve his skills, and it's not very often now that he has to do this.  I have found great websites with free worksheets, keep a bunch printed off in a binder for just these nights.  I tell him it is his choice what he does through the day - but with that choice comes consequences - good or bad.


Hope this suggestion may help