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Your thoughts????
02/20/2008 at 23:50 PM

Hello! I'm new here and would just like to throw out some names I've been thinking of. Feel free to comment and/or whatever all opinions will be appreciated. LOL.


 Atticus James

Lazarus Albert

Ezekiel Adam

Xerxes Christopher

Arthur Gregory

Shannon Patrick

Holden Zachary


Verity Elizabeth




Magdelene Juno

AnnaNova you can see boys names come to me much easier than the girls...

I just LOVE names - its a private obsession haha.  I will give you my honest opinion on each name.


 Atticus James - Love it!! Atticus is a great name, very strong and James is gorgeous - have you thought about nicknames for Atticus?


Lazarus Albert - Not 100% keen on Lazarus.  Albert is a very robust name - is it a family name?


Ezekiel Adam - I am all for different names so I like Ezekiel and Adam is a great name too.


Xerxes Christopher - Xerxes is pretty out there - plus if your nickname for him was Xerx he might be called Jerk at school.  Plus it's a confusing name for a little kid.


Arthur Gregory - Very old fashioned.


Shannon Patrick - I like Shannon for a boys name but I think you should swap the order and make it Patrick Shannon.


Holden Zachary - I live in Australia and Holden is a brand of car here.  Again I think you should swap the names and make it Zachary Holden.



Verity Elizabeth -  Very sweet.


Leto - Interesting name - what does it mean?


Lily - This is probably one of my favorite girls names.  I have seen it paired with many other names like Lily Rose, Lily Francesca and Lily Bay (my personal fav).


Wren - Not a fan.


Magdelene Juno - Very biblical (Magdelene).  Juno is cute but not very girly.


AnnaNova - Anna has always been a sweet name.  I love the name Nova (it means star).


Can I ask you opinion on some of my names?  Here is my list:




Avalon Rose

Maisie Amelia

Delilah Belle

Ava Elizabeth

Lila Penelope

Lily Bay

Bailey Alexa




Oliver James

Noah Benjamin

Finley James

Benjamin Alexander


Let me know what you think!!!


I have no nicknames for Atticus. Does anyone? lol. I have not come across any.


Albert was my grandfathers name. Most of the boys middle names are family names.


Leto is a greek goddess but also the last name of a muscian/actor, Jared Leto. Alot of people are bringing that up and although I do love both the name and the guy I would really rather not have my kid think she was named after a man because most people are going to automatically think Jared when they see that name. Whew ...was not expecting to go on that long, lol, sorry.


As for your names...

I love Avalon Rose. Avalon reminds me of the Arthurian type era's which coincedentally is where I got Arthur from. I'm a big history person. I also love Maisie and Lily Bay is the best name set I've ever seen.

I like all your boys names. My favorites are James and Alexander because they are traditional strong male names and, I think, a really good anchor if you want to stray from the norm in first names. Oh and I love Finley.


I can't think of any nick names for Atticus either - but it is a great name.  I associate it with the father figure in the book To Kill a Mocking Bird which is one of my favorites.


I also like using family names (just as you have used Albert) mine are James (my dad's middle name), Alexander (My husband's name) and Benjamin (my brother's name).  I like boys names to be a bit more traditional too as I think it adds strength and character.


I still really like the name Leto - even though I did automatically think of Jared Leto as well.  It could be used as a middle name.


I too am a histroy buff and that is where I found the name Avalon!  It means "Apple Island" which is supposed to be where they took King Arthur after his death.  I'm glad you like it - I am so keen to see what people think!!  There are so many names out there that are made up or just way over the top and I really don't want my baby to have a name like that!  I think Avalon is trendy without being too wild.  I really like what Nicole Richie called her baby "Harlow" which I think is similar to Avalon - trendy but not over the top.  Thoughts?


Lily Bay is a beautiful name.  I got it from an Australian designer who called her daughter "Elke Bay".  I didn't really like Elke so I replaced it with Lily and thought it sounded so pretty and fresh.


Have you got anymore names?  Which one of your list is your favourite?  Boy and Girl.  My favourites from my list are Avalon Rose and Finley James.


There's a boy in our neighborhood named Atticus.  He just turned 16.  When he was little his family called him Atty or Addy.  Now that he's so grown up, he is Atticus.  He's a neat kid, been through some tough stuff.


I love the Name Atticus James, it reminds me of the movie "To Kill a MockingBird"

My nephew is named Atticus, and they sometimes call him Atty, but they usually call him cus or cus-cus, a play on the name gus or gus-gus like the little fat mouse in Cinderella

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