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What does her name mean?
07/31/2007 at 06:15 AM


I have a 2 year old daughter named Ineke.  My husband and I saw a girl on the news one night when I was pregnant and her name was Ineke.  We loved the name and stole it!!  Our problem is that we have no idea what it means or its origins.  We think it may be Danish?  We have been searching for over 2 years now for any information.  Can anyone out there help us?  Please?


My sister in-law's name is Ineke and she is dutch.  She was told that it is a variation of the name Annika and means grace or favor.


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Hi - I found her name:

Ineke, a 3-syllable girl's name of Latin origin, means: Small.

Ineke's ethnic backgrounds include Dutch.


Wow - thank you so much!  Where did you find it?


That's great - thank you so much!


Ineke is a boys name in Dutch and a girls name in German.  No idea on the meaning - but very pretty name.


Use the orginal name "Ineke" and do not modtify a single letter in this name because it will be inauspicious to use, with this name. contact the danish embassy in washington dc., look up their website on the web and sent them a letter asking is it a danish name or what, Gordon Gala

I dont know where they found that meaning from but i looked in my baby name book and it actuly has it. "Ineke" (Japanese) nurtures. hope this helps and what a unique name love it!whats the middle name just curious?

Wow!! Japanese! I like the meaning too. Her middle name is Sky, so she's Ineke Sky. Our son is Caden, which means friend, so I'm happy to have a friend and a nurturer in the family - how peaceful!!

hello there, Ineke is a Dutch GIRL's name! NOT a boy!! It is derived from another name. Mine for example came from Mecheline, you take the last three letters "ine" and add "ke" which means little. It can come from any name ending in "ine" eg Christine. It is NOT the same as Anneke as that name comes from Anne. "ke" means little as does the y on an end of a name. eg. Tom- Tommy. I was born in Holland and although my name was registered as Mecheline, I have been called ineke all my life. At the age of ten my mother told me that from now on my name was to be "INE" which is the grown up version of ineke. I refused. I am now 62 years old and was in grade six with 6 other inekes in the class. It has now become an outdated and old fashioned name, although i still love it. The English version of my name is Michelle which I named my daughter.