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Twins boy and girl
05/24/2007 at 08:24 AM

I am having twins in a couple months and one is a girl and one is a boy and I do not have any clue as to what to name them.  Should I have their names rhyme or start with the same letter or start with a vowel?  I need help, please help me out.

Hello, I have 1 year old boy./girl twins are their names do not rhyme or even start with the same letter.  I think it can be difficult for twins to be seen as individuals and when parents give them very similar names it makes that even more difficult.  I would pick two names that you love and would use even if you were not having twins.

Good luck with your twins, it is so much fun :)





Wow, it is so exciting to have twins or be expecting twins.  I always wanted twins.  I like twins names to not be too much the same too.  I think that twins have enough trouble with people confusing them and not seeing them as individuals.  My cousin has triplets and they all have very different names---it is so hard for them to not be seen as a one person and I think that the different names helps.


But, I am sure there are lots of parents of twins out there that love the rhyming or same sounding names.


What does everyone else think?




Twins are so wonderful.  I have 1 year old twin girls.  They are fraternal.  One has beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair and the other has goregous chocolate brown eyes and brown hair.  Their names are Kinze Marylou and Kennedy Grace.  I think naming them, while it's fun to make them sound the same like Jena and Kena, they need to reflect your taste in names and not really sound the same or even start with the same letter in some cases...mine do because their older brothers name starts with a K.  I have found with my girls that they not only look different they act different.  When I was pregnant with them their personalities came out.  Kinze was wild and moved and kicked and basically had a good time.  While Grace, we call her Grace, she was calm. I barely felt her. She was this little butterfly of movement.  Have fun and enjoy this time of your life.   Names are fun but the babies, while alot of work, are fun too.  So I guess my answer to your question is have fun, pick out names that you like or love, and go with it.

Good luck and have fun!!!   :)



Thats so awesome that you're having twins! Maybe you want their names to be completely different or maybe you want them to be alike. I think that the names Nash for a boy and Sawyer for a girl are really cute. but if you want names that are alike I like Calan for a boy and Carridy for a girl.



well the girl name  cold be shelly and the boy name could be demetris.


I would love to have had twins, you are so lucky, I'm sure you'll love it. There are a few sets of twins in my family, 2 are boy/girl and one set of non-identical girls.


Both boy/girl sets have names that start with the same letter, there's no identity issue when they are different sex and the girl twins have names with different initials but their middle names have the same initial.



Mum of 3


Congrads on the twins!  I have 9 yr old boy/girl twins.  It is wonderful (and tiring)  We went with classic names, they never go out of style.  You won't believe how many times you will asked  "Are they identical?"  We had strangers argue that they couldn't be twins "they don't look alike".  That is also exhausting!!!!  Take care of yourself and rest as much as possible.  I delivered at 36 weeks and each twins were over 7lbs

Best of luck!!!!!!!




Oh, you are so lucky!  I have an eight year old and a set of boy/girl twins who will be three in November.  Mine came out looking exactly alike--and like their father.  I wonder if they are really even mine sometimes ;0)  They talk to one another in their own languages (watch out for that one!)  To get back to your question...I didn't want catchy names for them, individuality is very important.  However, I wanted them to always have a bond/share some kind of name, so I chose to go with the middle names.  My son was named Joseph Alexander and my daughter's name is Cheyenne Alexis.  Oh the fun you are going to have!  The best advice I can give you (as someone who has been through this and it worked for me) is to keep them on the same schedule.  If you don't you wont have a momenst peace--no matter how much help you have.  If one woke up I then woke the other one up.  I put them to bed together and kept them in the same crib until they were old enough to fight with one another--then we decided on separate cribs (to keep our sanity).  As they got older they fought over space, pillows, and of course toys.  One last thing...I try to get them away from one another every now and then and give them special attention.  Most people's views are that twins enjoy each others company--they do, but not ALL THE TIME day in and day out.  They do need time away from each other.  Best of luck and love those babies!!



I have 3 yr. old MZ girls, they are Sarah Kathleen and Sabra Nicole. We had about 6 name combos picked out when we went to the hospital and didn't name them until a few hours after their birth. We wanted to take our time and look at them, let the reality of it all sink in.

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well i always say if i have twins ill name them all most the same like the girl name will be brandy and the boy name could be brandon together when i call out there name ill be like brandon and brandy


I thought I would chime in with my two cents.  My mom had twins a girl/boy set.  That was back in the 1960's and she named them Judy and Johnny.  First letter and last the same and it worked fine.

Since then my own child has grown up and he has a 27 months old son and a 14 month old daughter and even though they are not twins he wanted them to have that closeness that children named alike have but he also is a modern day thinker and wanted individuality.  So he named his son, Pharaoh and his daughter Egypt.  Similar yet  individual , different enough that it doesn't sound like hat, pat, sat when you say them.  (Although at first people are amazed that he would name them that but  they are beginning to adjust.)  Just the other day i heard of another little girl near by named Egypt.  So, long story short name them whatever makes you happy and you think will be best for them in the years ahead.  Let's face it most of us hated our names growing up anyway.  How many Dylans and  Kayla's can a  teacher keep straight?  One thing for sure you will have your hands full and your heart with love also.  I wish you all the best.


I have boy/girl twins-18mo. old now.The boy is Duncan Philip and the girl is Stevie Rhiannon


I have family that are twins b/g named Kindred Lee and Katina Danielle


how about choosing two people in your family, a man and a woman who have, in some way, positively affected you. give each of your children their names or derivitives of their names to commemorate your relationship with those two individuals. twins names do not have to "match."


Alexander James and Sophia Isabelle would make a lovely combo.


I would name the girl Kim and the boy Kevin or whatever but sometimes people do get them mixed up because their names sound the same.


I would say you should name them Luke and Leia. It would be awesome! they can go to star wars conventions! Halloween will be fun! or... they will hate star wars and hate you for naming them that. haha either way i think it would be fun to name them after the most well known twins in the galaxy!

My SIL has twins, a boy and a girl. She feels very strongly about giving them their own identities. She even tells everyone not to call them twins. A little far fetched, I believe, but to each his own. With all that said, she's still dressed them in matching outfits from time to time and even coordinated their costumes for Halloween. Their names are very different, however, which I agree w/. It's all cute when they're younger, but as they grow, they're going to want their own identities. So let them be their own person. I think that's really important for their future. I'm sure they'll always be close growing up which is also great too.

hi there i got two son named tyler and bengamin! well they are four months old now yay!!!!!!!!!

hi there i got two son named tyler and bengamin! well they are four months old now yay!!!!!!!!!