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Twin girls
01/03/2011 at 14:41 PM

My husband is very picky. He like KayLee and Jade. I mentioned this to my sister. She says that her and her guy likes KayLee and if I use it Iam disowned. My Husband will not back down because we had a similar incident with our first daughter Sierra.
My husband knows that she can't have kids. She has PCOS, tube pregnancy, and has had cancer. All of which has decreased the chance of having kids. She is not married. The guy she is with is still married to another women that he has not seen in ten years.
I don't know what to do. I don't want to make her mad over a very touchy issue. But my husband won't back down. I know this will bring on a fight with her and i will be blamed.
I like Jade and Ruby. But he doesn't like older names very well.

Drop the subject with your sister until the babies are born. On that day, you and your husband can fill out the birth certificates. You can then tell your sister, "She just looked like Kaylee." If your sister is this difficult, she will pick a fight with you over something anyway. It may be that she is angry because her life circumstance is not as good as yours--you are married and pregnant, she is shacking up with somebody else's husband and is probably not going to bear children. Be as kind to her as you can.

I was in a similar situation myself. My husband's family began to put pressure on us to name our new baby after his late dad. I didn't approve. We have three other older children so we took a vote. My husband's family was outvoted because my older boys decided on a name that they liked and so we stuck with it. My husband's family was not happy but we told then that it was the older sibling's decision. You have to do what you feel is right and according to your circumstances, you have a baby on the way that needs a name your sister doesn't. All the best with the babies. I have twins myself and I am truly blessed and so are you.

i like kaylee