Twin girls
01/03/2011 at 11:41 AM

My husband is very picky. He like KayLee and Jade. I mentioned this to my sister. She says that her and her guy likes KayLee and if I use it Iam disowned. My Husband will not back down because we had a similar incident with our first daughter Sierra.
My husband knows that she can't have kids. She has PCOS, tube pregnancy, and has had cancer. All of which has decreased the chance of having kids. She is not married. The guy she is with is still married to another women that he has not seen in ten years.
I don't know what to do. I don't want to make her mad over a very touchy issue. But my husband won't back down. I know this will bring on a fight with her and i will be blamed.
I like Jade and Ruby. But he doesn't like older names very well.

See if you can go to an 'engineering camp' sponsored by a college. These camps are usually fairly inexpensive and you will get a feel for if you have a talent for engineering. You may also make contacts there that will help you with your other questions.


Review your options with the guidance counselor at the high school you plan to attend. It is admirable that you have put so much thought into your future. Going to college at 17 is not much different than going at 18. Keep in mind that you may find that once you attend high school, you may at some point begin to "care about prom and homecoming or anything like that".


In my state, the school districts allow home-schooled students to take any number of regular school classes, you just have to take care of your own transportation. Three of my children took band or orchestra while home-schooled.


After you have explored your options, pick one. Then wait a day or two and review your decision. Sometimes you will feel uneasiness, sometimes you will feel confidence. If you are uneasy, take another look at your decision.

My daughter was planning to take a trip to France with the middle school French class. She felt uneasy. She found that the high school French class was also traveling to France. She thought about it for a while, and decided to go with the high school group instead.

The problem was, she STILL felt uneasy. Finally she decided not to go to France at that time (age 14). After she finished high school, she had the opportunity to spend over a year in France--so she did.