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Trouble with middle name.
07/14/2008 at 07:02 AM

Ok First, I cant decide if I want my baby boy's name to be Collin or Lyndon but I cant think of a middle name for anyting in the world. What name should I use. I need help. 

I would go with Collin as a boys first name and as for middle name there are a couple I would choose from like...Michael..Zachary..Joseph..that's just my view on it.

I prefer Collin too. In my opinion, I like short middle names (one syllable), especially if you have a long last name. Luke, James, Ray.... If your last name is one syllable, you can choose a longer middle name, and I think it'll still work. Do you have a family name that you can use? That cld work, and it also wld have personal meaning to you. Good luck w/ the new baby!

I personaly love Lyndon. so sweet and strong 2. Heard of collin 2 much and reminds me of a body sorry no ofense. I think a single sylabol would work like lyndon james or something. have any good family names maybe ur husbands first or middle or ur dad or grandpas?good luck