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In search of name that's good in English and French
11/24/2007 at 13:57 PM

Our family is split between France and the USA. Looking for a name that will fit in with both cultures. Michelle is a great boys name in France, but in the States, not so good. Both in the States and France, some sounds are difficult to pronounce in the other language. Andrew is Andwu in French. We won't find out if we're having a girl or boy, so we need to cover our bases. Any help is appreciated!

Congratulations on your upcoming new little addition! Here are a few suggestions that may work well in both countries...

Boy names

Charles, Christian, Daniel, David, Gabriel, Joseph, Lucas, Marc, Nicholas, Patrick, Thomas and Victor.

Girl names

Aimee, Anne, Antionette, Audrey, Caroline, Christine, Claire, Danielle, Isabelle, Lucy, Marie, Nicole and Valerie.

These are just a few that I found at the following web site.

Hope this helps some!


Hi there

I live in France, married to a French man, but I'm English. We have two lovely boys named Martin and Vincent, these names work well in both languages. For girls we had thought of Claire, Clarisse and Anne.

All the best with the rest of your pregnancy




My name's Claire and i know it's the French variant of Clare.  It would work well in both countries, but i don't know how popular it is in the states as i live in the UK.

In reference to the previous post, my middle name is Anne too so i guess my name is popular with you :D (and actually, my cousin's name is Martin!)

If you named your baby Claire, i'd love to know :)

Claire x

My Great-Grandad was French so maybe we've got a French theme going in the family!  The surname is French but obviously i took my Dad's surname which is very English.


I am English, married to a French woman, and living in Cambridgeshire (UK), and we are expecting our first child in October. We too thought long and hard about names. We finally hit upon "Jules" for a boy and "Ruby" for a girl. Both work well in each language - Ruby is pronounced virtually identically in each case, whereas Jules would probably be anglicised in pronunciation to "Jools." If you think English names are difficult to make work in French, you should try Welsh ones - I have some Welsh heritage and wanted to reflect this in the name of our child, but names like Owen, Bryn, Emlyn, Megan etc. not only sound stupid in French, they can actually have quite a comic effect. Megan, pronounced in the French way, (Mégan), sounds like it has a masculine ending. If you try to feminise it to "Mégane," it becomes a model of car (Renault). Emlyn pronounced by a French speaker has a definite feminine ending to it and sounds for all the world like a girl's name ("Emeline.") Owen sounds like the French trying to say "when." We have decided to keep the Welsh names as their second names!

Hi, How about Jacques for a boy or Jacqueline for a girl. Jacques is French for Jack, which is a fairly common boy's name in the states. I always liked the name Jacqueline for a girl, also spelled Jaclyn in the U.S. A cute nickname is Jackie.