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Need MN Advice!!!
06/29/2008 at 12:43 PM

Hello everyone! My name is Lacey and my husband Caleb and I are expecting twin boys in September. We already have two sons named Tristan Caleb and Casey Brooks, hence our names. :) And we are naming our twin boys Spencer and Pierce. The only thing we have left to decide on is their middle names. Here is our list of what we are going to choose from...............Reagan-family name that I love for Spencer/ Stone-yet another family name that I love for Pierce/ Hayden-for Spencer/ Holden-for Pierce/ Peyton-only for Spencer. And then Kelton, Derek, and Lucas for either one of them. :)

I like the family names you mentioned (Reagan and Stone). They have personal meaning to you, and they sound nice w/ the names you've chosen. I also like Peyton. Lucas is one of my favorite names, but I don't like the way it sounds w/ the first names you picked. Hope this helps. Best of luck w/ the new twins!