nautical themed baby names
07/01/2008 at 06:39 AM

I do not know if I am having a boy or girl but my husband and I are water enthusiasts, everything from boating to fishing, and we would love some help finding a nautical themed name for our new baby.

How about Sailor for a boy. Can't think of any girl names for you off the top of my head except Brooke (not sure if that works for you). Love your idea since you both are into boating and fishing. Best of luck w/ the new baby!


Just thought of Sawyer and Fin (as in Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Fin). Didn't they like to fish? Also, Julia Roberts named her son Fin (not sure of the spelling though).


Sailor can also be a girls name as well.I think it's prettier that way.


Careen is used to describe when a sailing ship leans to one side.

Gale is a word sailors use to describe high speed winds in a storm.

Bosun is short for Boatswain mate

Ensign A large flag, or rank.

Trice means to secure a sail with rope


Here's some girl names I thought of: Ariel (from The Little Mermaid), Marina and Pearl (from an oyster).


You could change the spelling a bit by using Saylor or something original.


Was reading a magazine today and the advertisement for NAUTICA struck me as a girl's name if you liked it.


My husband is a Boat Captain and we both love the sea. We are having a baby girl and I would love some help with names. We love Cape, Coral, Sailor, and Kia. I would love other suggestions. I prefer one that starts with C.


Like your idea to spell Sailor w/ a y (Saylor) for a girl.
Keep thinking of more names as they come to me. How's Dune or Reef? You can spell Reef w/ an e at the end (Reefe). I also just thought of Sandy (not very original), but another option.
Can't think of any names that begin w/ c, but if I come up w/ any, I'll let you know. I like the name Coral that you mentioned. That's pretty. Coral Bay or Coral Rae is nice.
Another idea: Do you have a favorite spot by the water (the name of the town or landing dock where you like to spend time). Some boats even have names, but I'm not sure you want to name your baby after a boat.


Loving this post and having fun coming up w/ original nautical names! Some may sound weird, but I'll throw them out there anyway. You never know what someone might like.
C names: Coast, Cove, Current
Other names: Wava, Tempest, Tide(n) or Tyden, Navy, Shelly


How about Galley for a girl or Cuddy for a boy?


Kai is a great one!!

So is Coral/Cora/Corin

I also love Marina...