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Name caucasian baby Isaiah ....
11/19/2007 at 22:22 PM


Can anyone recommend a website that ranks baby names by ethnicity? I am fond of the name Isaiah, my wife is semi-open to the name. Her friends have her convinced that Isaiah is predominantly a name chosen by African Americans.

Before you start passing judgment and posting replies about discrimination. We have close friends who are African Americans.

Just like you realize a name you give your child is important. So do I. I want a name that will not result in him hearing the same questions or comments through out his life. Isaiah, your the first white person I met with that name.

I have been searching the web in hopes of locating a source that shows that shows the name Isaiah used by Caucasians. But to be honest all I have found, after a week of searching is that its predominately an African American name.

Helpful replies are appreciated.


Hi ozpark,


My grandfather's name was Isaiah and now one of my cousins has named her son Isaiah,  It is a very old name---a biblical name.  It looks like it keeps coming back up in popularity.  And not just in one community but across the board.




Please look up this link to find most popular names in New York for hispanics, african americans etc


Isaiah is a good stong Bible name don't worry about what color has the name it is a great name use it!


I'm a huge fan of "Little House on the Praire".  Any fan out there knows that Mr. Edwards first name was "Isaiah" - It's always been a favorite of mine.  The name has become somewhat popular.  Don't worry about ethnicitiy, etc.  If you like it, go with it. 


When i used to work with kids ( now i work for Philadelphia Cream Cheese) i saw the name Isaiah a lot!, and your right about it being a African American name.not that its a problem with me, but id say out of 15 kids 12 were African American, but go with what you love and feels right.

People people people!  What does a name have to do with ethnicity.  A name is a name.  Just because you met a few black people with the name Isaiah doesn't mean all black people use that name.  You all are thinking in a small bubble.  If you want to name your kid something, go ahead.  If people starting judging the child on their name then they are thinking in a small bubble like the rest of you and need to take a sociology class or something. 

Well said Synergy, I couldn't agree more. A name is a name. When we enter the realm of which name can be used for which ethnic group, we are bordering on racism. I have also read discussions about which names sound good in USA or are European etc. What is the difference. If you like a name then go for it. I am probably sticking my neck out even further but we even have people on here asking advice about what to call their child with a list of possible names. It is up to parents ultimately to name their child, not leaving it to a lottery of  possibilities to ask complete strangers what they like. I just wonder if these parents actually go with the name that is most popular in the discussions. I would love to hear!

I love Isaiah! Do you live in the country or something? I don't know why anyone would presume that it can't be a caucasian name. Also, have you heard some of the names people choose?! These days many people choose exotic names that have nothing to do with their heritage. I am caucasian & my name is Kandra. When I was growing up, no one had that name. I met a couple Kendra's, they were African American & I didn't mind. My African American friend Kimberly joked that our parents must've mixed up our names. I liked my name growing up. It was unusual & I always got compliments. It's not unusual now. The same thing will happen with Isaiah. Noah & Isaac are popular & I suspect the same will happen to Isaiah.

Ha! Didn't realize I posted to something a couple of years old! lol

A name is very personal, and it shldn't be based on the views society puts on it. Whatever name a parent chooses is their sole choice and right. I agree that some names these days are a bit over the top, but to each his own. Who are we to judge? Personally spreaking, I love old biblical names. In my opinion, trendy names come and go, but a classic biblical name like Isaiah will always remain strong. I have a family member named Malcolm. He is caucasion. He was named after his grandfather. Many people thought he wld be stereotyped b/c immediately they associated the name w/ Malcolm X. Now he is older, and he's proud of his name b/c it was his grandfather's.