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05/28/2010 at 23:12 PM

Ok so my wife and I are very torn. We are trying to pick out a name for our baby girl. We both love the name kaitlyn but are not thrilled about the nickname options of "kate" (no offense to anyone).

Anyway, I just wanted to get other peoples opinions on the matter.

For whatever reason, I'm starting to really like "Alyssa" now too. Haven't told my wife yet. She'll probably hate it

Something I have a lot of experience in. my daughters names are Aaliya Janée Lili Rose (my daughter is older then johnny depp's!) Tessa Elisabeth Cora Nicole Here was my process in choosing names. 1. I hate absolutely everything that is a 'possible boys name' too. Jordan/Taylor/Pat/Leslie etc you get the point. 2. Think about the name you want, does it sound good and flow together? Do the initials spell out anything? EX: Michelle Elise Norton= MEN. This is a fail. 3. Don't try to be cute, if your last name is Frost, don't name your son Jack. If you have a girl and your last name is Spangler for godsake don't name her Star. (these are both real people) Who want to punch their parents for naming them those things. 4. Can you make fun of it? Try, think of any insults you might be able to come up with it or twist it to. There will always be something kids can find but let's not help them. Like Peter C. Johnson ummmm yes again another real name he was my OBGYN it was like he was setting himself up to be teased. 5. Do you have any traditional names you want placed in the name? As in Your or her mom's name etc. My girls middle names are all woman in our family. Janée is Aaliya's aunt on her dad's side. Rose is Lili's paternal grandmother's name. I had a hard time naming her two flower names but she was a great woman and it meant a lot to all of us. And I think it sounds very pretty now. Tessa's middle name is Elisabeth which is my name. And the Nicole in Cora Nicole came from Cora's aunt. 6. You want to be original but you need to think of the future as well my general guideline was this: If I saw the name on an office door or a lawyer's desk or something would it still look professional. I don't know that if i walked into an attorney's office and the name was 'Apple' for instance like Gwyneth Paltro's kid... that I would feel a whole lot of confidence. 7. Have a back up and a tie breaker plan. Sometime when you see your baby you just go oh well she doesn't look like what i wanted to name her at all. Also a tiebreaker is good. When I was pregnant with Tessa I had heard the name and absolutely loved it. It was about 6 mths into being pregnant and I was like that's it we're naming her that. Her dad wasn't all that thrilled. He wanted Sara. I was kind of like Sara? Really? Aaliya, Lili, and Sara... I think she would think we didn't like her and gave her a very plain name in comparison to her sisters I had tried to keep it original. So we decided that if she came out and had blonde hair she would be a Sara. This was generous of me because our other two kids are platinum blondes like me. If she came out with dark hair, then I got to name her Tessa. She came out with a mass of nearly two inch dark brown baby hair. So she chose her own name. Hope some of this helps. I like the name Alyssa too. Off the top of my head a few pretty girl names: Leena Aliandra Julia

I love Alyssa. Kaitlyn is nice too, but like you said, Katie often becomes a nickname. While I like nicknames for kids, you kind of want the grown up names to stick. As kids get older, the nicknames seem a bit too cute. On the other hand, if you really like a name, stick w/ it. Just avoid using a nickname, and hopefully others will do the same.

Thanks for the tips! We were talking about nicknames again yesterday and we came up with the idea of instead of spelling it with a "K"aitlyn, we could use "C"aitlyn. Her full name would be Caitlyn Joanna (Joanna is a mix between my wifes mother and my mothers name "Joanne" and "Donna"). We could call her CJ :) I still like Alyssa or Allison (Ali is such a cute nickname)

Caitlyn is pretty and so is your combo with Joanna. I know a couple of Caitlyn's, one is Caity and the other Caitlyn - depends if you and she both insist on the full name. CJ is a good option but for some reason it always makes me think of day time soap opera characters.