I like the name Sean for a baby boy but I have a niece named Shauna. Thoughts?
10/15/2012 at 21:12 PM

I really like the name Sean for a baby boy. I do have a college-aged niece named Shauna. Obviously extremely similar but here's some of my rationale. Different spelling--I like the Sean spelling vs the Shaun or Shawn. We never shorten my niece's name, it's always Shauna. She's in college, we are close and see each other often; but it's a big age difference. I'm the youngest of five, this will be grandchild #11 and our 2nd child, so lots of good names are already taken. I really have my heart set on it. Middle name would be Patrick, which is my middle name. Sean Patrick, nice little Irishmen. What do you think? Weird or ok?