Help with middle name for Rio (girl)
02/14/2010 at 17:29 PM

Please help me find a middle name for our baby girl due in June! Her first name will be Rio but, I need something that flows with it! We love the name Rio so please keep any negative comments about it to yourself please!

I like Rio very much:) I'm thinking that a very feminine middle name will balance out the unisex nature of the first name.

Rio Addison
Rio Paige
Rio Savannah
Rio Evelyn
Rio Jasmine
Rio Lynn
Rio Corinne


I like the name you have chosen as is different and unique! I have a question which will help me give you some ideas....what nationality is the baby? I am asking because I named my daughters Irish-Italian names to honor both my husband's and my heritage. People always comment on both of my daughters names. If you're willing to give me hints on the nationality, I can think about what might go well with Rio.


I like Rio. How about Rio Isley?!?


We are a big mix LOL! German, French, Irish, American Indian. What do you all think of Rio Sky...I know a bit hippie but it has a nice ring to it!?!


Addison and Evelyn were both boy names a hundred years ago. Lynn was a boy name 50 years ago.


Irish female names
1.BLATHNAID,"blaw + nid"
blath means "flower, blossom." In legend, Blaithnaid, the reluctant wife of Curai Mac Daire, loved Cuchulainn (read the legend), her husband's rival. She revealed the secret entrance to her husband's fortress to him by milking her cow and letting the milk run down the hill into a stream. Cuchulainn followed the stream, raided the fortress and rescued Blathnaid.

2. MAEBH "may + v" Maeve From an old Irish name Madb, "the cause of great joy" or "she who intoxicates." The great warrior queen of Connacht and embodiment of sovereignity she stars in Ireland's greatest epic "The Cattle Raid of Cooley" (read the legend). She left king Conchobhar Mac Nessa for Ailill because "you are a man without meaness, fear or jealousy, a match for my own greatness." But the couple quarrelled over who had the most possessions. Maebh's bull had defected to Ailill's herd and so she bought Daire's brown bull. When Daire went back on the deal she went to war with Cuchulainn (read the legend) and the province of Ulster to recover the bull.

3. IONA "i + o + na"
St. Colmcille founded his monastery on Iona, the island between Ireland and Scotland in 563 AD and thus the name is associated with "blessed."


I think Rio Sky is cute. Do you have another child named Asa? Just wondering because I saw it in your username, and my brother's name is Asa. I LOVE it!


Yes my son is almost 4 years old and his name is Asa James. We are pretty much down to Rio Sky and Rio Christianna. One so simple and the other so fancy...Why is it so hard?


No kidding? My brother's name is Asa James! It's pretty uncommon to find someone with his name, so for first AND middle to be the same is even more so!

I still like Rio Sky best of the two :) Good luck!


Wow! That is really strange :) Thanks for your advice. 16-37 days to go!


Maybe Rio Skye? Seems to be more feminine with "e" on the end.


I kind of like Rio Sky. When thinking of middle names, I think a one syllable name goes well w/ Rio. You do have to take into consideration the length and sound of your last name as well to see if the names all flow together. I also agree that you shld consider your nationalities. When you said you're American Indian, I immediately thought Sky was a fitting name. Many people from American Indian descent have names that come from nature. The first name I thought of was Rio Brooke.
Congrats, and good luck w/ the baby to come!


well my name is Rio and i think that Rio acacia is a very unique name and it is lovely so that would have been a good name.


Very unusual but nice name!