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Help! I have absolutely no idea what to name my baby girl and neither does my husband! The names that I really like are : Lily, Sunday, Violet, Rosalie, and Esme. Yes, i know these are weird, uncommon names but that's what i was going for. Because all my life i went through meeting people that have the same name as me and it was extremely annoying and i don't want my child to go through that! So please tell me witch one you like, if you don't like any of them i would be happy to hear a suggestion!

I worried so much about what name to give our first child...we all have name/personality hang-ups based on our own life experiences. Then one day it occured to me that naming a brand new spectacular human being was an honor, and not a reason to stress. Although it is inevitable that someone somewhere would share the name, the child would re-invent the name in his/her own way. We chose John (how un-original!!!) to honor my grandfather - and because I kinda liked it. He is, so far, my favorite "John" and it delights me! By the way, we named our second son Knute...just because we liked the way it looked written!! He has made the stoic Scandanavian name all his has been so fun - he's a sillyheart!!


As a teacher, I could never name my child a name of someone that I taught. I have a daughter named Emalee Margaret (middle name after her grandmother), a son named Peyton Chase (but Payton can also be a girl's name), and another son named Logan (which I also heard of as a girls' name). If Logan had been a girl we liked Evalyn Renae(to call her Evie), Lillian (to call her Lilly), and Lola. I have a cousin named Sawyer (a girl). I like Esme and have seen it spelled Esma, as well as Violet, and Rosalie. To narrow it down, my mother always said to go to your back door, open it, and call out the first and middle name you like. If it sounds good, you know. She said to do this because when the child is outside playing, and you need to call them in, you'll know if it sounds right.
I hope this helps! Good Luck!!


Out of all the names you listed, I like Lily the best. I also like the name Eva for a girl. Good luck w/ the new baby!


you could even use a common name but spell it all funky. i'm naming mine maycee (macy)


uncommon is good, I have a very uncommon name, in fact I've never meet anyone that shares my name which is Mead. it's had it's moments of being hard, I've never had a teacher who can read it off an attendance sheet, but over all I've loved being different and it's a great built in ice breaker, every new person that I meet wants to know how I came by the name and what it means.
I've also loved not having a girly name, people never know until they meet me if I'm male or female.
but I would say the best part is actually that my first and last name go together so well, people always say that I have a movie star name Mead McCoy... so I like Sunday or Rosalie but pick what sounds best with your last name.


as a teacher i could never my child
and sometimes i think that and high school
then what is you daugter name do you have a boy too???



I like Lily the best! You could also spell it Lillee. Rosalie and Esme are going to be so popular especially because of Twlight and Sunday reminds me of Adams Family and Violet reminds me of Willy Wonka


If you haven't had your baby yet..... I had "Brighton" as a girls name. What about Emery or Autumn Brooke. I don't like Sunday as a name. Summer, I like.


Emmanuella Nicole
Rosalie Anne
Kyra Rosalie
Esme Samantha
Samantha Violet
Violet Rose


Katie Rose?



I am the only female out of 7 brothers. I am now the age of 50. Female names I enjoyed if I had a girl earlier would be as follows: