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01/16/2008 at 12:19 PM

Hello, I am having a difficult trying to decide on a grils name- I love unique and different names- so I thought a good name for my baby if its a girl would be Cecil- My grandfathers name is Cecil and I thought that would be really neat to name her after him- I love the name but I am getting a lot of negative feedback from my family members- my close friends love the name, but my family is being really negative- so I wanted to see if I could get any feedback from you all- I would give her a girly middle name like Claire or Blaire- so would you all let me know what you think 

Cecil Claire

Cecil Blaire

Clair and Blair are both boy names, so even though you put on an e to make it girly, it still sounds like a boy. Ann, Suzette, Camille, other flower names, some gem names (but not Opal, it's just not that pretty a word) Lucy, Natalie, May, Marie, Rebecca, Elizabeth, these are girl names. 

And my daughters are Jessie (boy name) Jade (new, ambiguous) Jo (that's all there is not JoAnn or anything) Jamie (also ambiguous) and Jenna--finally a girl!!!!


Oh I didn't realize those were boys names- but what do you think of Cecil?

I wouldn't use it (cause it doesn't start with J :)  )I really have no room to talk about using boys' names for girls.  But I don't really like the name for a boy or a girl. No experience with anyone but Cece Shumway, and he was just some old man in town.  Why not Cecilia?  Simon & Garfunkle song?  That would make it not OK for me.  After I named my Jade, an R rated movie came out called Jade, or the main character was Jade and had low moral character.  Never saw the movie, but ick.  I still like her name, though. 

  And don't feel bad about the Clair Blair thing.  Most people have no idea that Ashley and Hilary are boys names too.

  I tease my kids that if I had twins, girl & boy, I would name them DeBree and DeTritus.  Both those words mean garbage.  I would NEVER, of course, but it's fun to tease the kids.

  I've heard of boys named Shirley, Marion (the o is the boy spelling), Vivian, and Francis (I forget if e is the girl spelling).   


Is it Cecil pronounced "Sa-seal" or "See-sull"? Just curious. If it's "Sa-seal" then that's cute, but not "see-sull", that does sound like an old man's name. My brother and his fiance are due to have a baby in June and if it's a girl they are naming her Lillian and they are going to call her Lily for short. I think that's adorable. My friend just had a baby and named her Jasmyn.....I like the name Jazlyn. It's a little different. Good luck!


I don't like the name Cecil at all, even for a boy,  sorry. In Britain, Claire is definitely a girl's name. 


i like blaire! be careful with cecil, though. my daughter's name is kendall and most people think it's a boy name. she's warmed up to it now!


I would go with Cecil Claire because at least it will clarify the name bearer is female. They (the so called experts suggest that if you give an ambi first name that the middle name clearly state the sex of the person). Such as in this case. Cecil is also a male name and so is Blaire. Claire will make it clear to whoever that this Cecil is a girl.

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If i had to chose between the 2 I would chose Cecil Blaire its cute and unusual but not very feminine, although my step grandma was named Travis and I always though that was neat because it was a boys name. I have 2 boys and did not get the option of getting to name a girl but my favorite is Karrin Tyree with Karrin being pronounced like Corrine. I would say though that if you really love the name Cecil name her that it is in honor of your family and you should not let others opinions sway your decision. With this said I had this issue with my youngest son I wanted to name him Takota, its a cherokee indian name i found in a book and i really like it but everybody else hated it; my sons name ended up being Darrien and i don't regret it but you should pick what you really love!!!!


i like the name cecil blaire.


yeah me to


Cecil is a very strong boy name, I think it would sound really weird on a girl. I LOVE Cecily though, which is a girl's name and still honors Cecil. Cecily is pron. Sess-uh-lee. Cecilia is pretty too. Clair and Blair started out as boy's names, so they don't really feminize it very well. I would go with Cecily Claire, so pretty!

Cecil should just be the middle name and you can call her Cecil everyone would be happy

I personaly love your paying respect. i have myself. How about maybe cecilia and well clair and blair to me sound wrong with it. maybe cecilia rose, cecilia (with a maybe less unique name a more known girl name for example cecilia lynn(a single sound name for middle sounds good to me though ur lastname is important when making a name so take that into account. good luck and remember it is you and husbands baby not theirs.thank them for input but over all its up to you. i had a inlaw problem too they are obsesed with "L" names i told them thanx but 2 many L's in the family maybe as a middle but not as first and they were okay with it after told them what i felt.

What not go with someting completely different? This name is different, it means truth, it's Verity

I feel that if you add an 'e' to Cecil (Cecile), maybe that would make it look more feminine. But if you did that you may consider changing the middle name's spelling.

How about a variation, like Cecilia? That way you could honor your grandfather while still choosing a feminine name. Try the NameLab for more help: