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the fathers name
09/01/2009 at 13:17 PM

My boyfriend has a really unique name that I love. I would not want to name our child directly after him but I want to build a name based off of his. That sounds sort of strange I guess. Anyway his name is Keaton and I'm looking for variations of that name. Open to boy or girl names. So please leave me some ideas I'm stuck.

For a girl - Katie For a boy - Keanu (?) Sorry, couldn't come up with more ideas....

unique boys names I find nice are: Keegan Kenton Kyler Kendrick and girls names: Keely Kendall Kiersten

I really like Kenton I haven't heard that before. I thought about doing Kealeigh or Kealee. idk do ya'll think the spelling is too weird on that?

What do you think of the Girls's name Kellen. Boys name Kaleb. These are names in our Family. Instead of the fathers name, what about something starting with your first initial or similar to yours?!!?!! Just a thought :0)

I heard of a lot of people using the lee at the end ... jsut thinking when all the (lee ending) kids start to school.

I'm not even pregnant, I just really like his name and was thinking if we ever did have kids what kind of interesting name I could find. My initials don't really have any family ties and I'm not all that interested in my name. I'm more about trying to give any future daughters of mine my mothers middle name. Since my middle name is my grandmothers middle name.