Baby names
05/14/2011 at 16:21 PM

I really like the name Aaliyah. I also want to have my sisters name as a middle name. Her name is Mary. Do these names sound ok together. Aaliyah Mary? Any opinions?


I think it is natural for a mother to feel protective of her child. I think when your MIL moves closer to you, you might need to set some boundaries. Perhaps when she is close by, you will be able to drop him off to spend some time with his grandmother without you being around. They will get their bonding time but you will not have to watch it or be a part of it. Be thankful that she is such a good grandmother and that your son seems to adore her. The grandparent/grandchild relationship is special and they are lucky to have it. And think about how much help she will be when she lives close by!! Also, remember that he might "ignore" you less when she is available more often.

Good luck and keep us posted!