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Avalon - Baby Girl
02/17/2008 at 17:32 PM

My husband and I have fallen in love with the name Avalon for our baby girl.  What does everyone think of this name?  It means "Apple Island" in Welsh which I thought was very sweet.  It's a little different so I am curious to know what the general public thinks of it.  She is due to arrive in May.  We are also trying to decide on middle names for her.  We love pretty names but also names that mean something to us.  A few of the ones we like are family names.  Here is what we have so far but please feel free to suggest some for us!


Avalon Rose

Avalon Belle

Avalon Manuela

Avalon Emmeline (After Emmeline Pankhurst)

Avalon Amelia (My name is Amy)

Avalon Rubine (GG Grandmother's name)

Avalon Penelope (Sister's name)

Also, we are leaning more towards 1 syllable names to go with Avalon.  Examples are:


Avalon Rose

Avalon Belle

Avalon Hope

Avalon Mae

Avalon Sage

Avalon Rain


Some of these are more traditional (eg. Rose) and some are more unusual (eg. Rain and Sage).  Our thoughts are that seeing as Avalon is an unusual name, maybe we should pair it with a more traditional name (unusual/traditional).  Alternatively we could go with the unusual/unusual mix and hope that our daughter doesn't resent us for it later on!  What are everyone's thoughts on name combinations? 


I know it's too late to say what to name your daughter so what did you finally name your little girl. To me Avalon is a beautiful name and is very uncommon which I like. For the middle name I liked Rose and Hope. Cogratulations to both of you.