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Asperger's and gifted
09/05/2010 at 20:15 PM

I have a son who just turned 6 last week. Diagnosed with AS and Gifted. He is doing 2nd grade work at home. School has him set to start 1st grade in 2 days. he understands he is smarter than others by correcting his classmates when they are wrong. The AS part of him needs the socialization of 1st grade, but he is good enough for 2nd grade. Should I put him in 2nd grade with the 7-8 year olds or hold him back with the 1st graders and have him acting out in class because he is bored and the school doesn't start the gifted classes until 3rd grade? help!! Thank you!!!

Personally I'd leave him in 1st grade and ask the school how they are planning on meeting his advanced academic needs. They are responsible for this. You can ask for a meeting now or wait a few weeks and see how things start. You can assume he will be bored, but unless you know the teacher and her teaching style and abilities you don't know what she can do for your child unless you give her a chance. Work with her. If your child is bored and causing problems definitely ask for a meeting and sit down and develop some strategies to help your son. You don't mention if your child has a 504 or IEP or GIEP, but if he does then that should give you the plans of how your child can be successful, if not maybe one needs to be developed. With AS you need to work really hard at providing a child with positive social interactions. With weak social skills that many AS children have, a younger classroom may be to your child's benefit. Is there a counselor or speech teacher who can pick up on some social skills group work with your child? I (as a teacher and mom)understand your situation pretty well with gifted NLD children of my own, who have been advanced academically from the start of school. You don't want to forget the social part.... gifted children already stand out, but gifted children with weak social skills (AS) stand out even more.... so work on both areas equally. Good luck to you. only2boys

I agree. I wouldn't put him into 2nd grade yet. Honestly, they need the social skills that many children with AS don't have. Social interaction is very important, regardless of his intelligence, he lacks the social skills and knowledge to get by with children who've been schooling together for at least 2 years (k- 2) As the Mom of a child with AS, I know and understand the frustration of the educational boredom these children face. I make it more interesting at home, with more complex learning experiences, it helps- but he needs the socialization school provides, which is THE only reason he is in public school.