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Appropriate TV for my son
04/18/2007 at 10:50 AM

My son LOVES “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody”, and being aired on the Disney channel, I assumed it was suitable. IT IS NOT. This show features 10 year old twins that repeatedly make sexually suggestive comments to the older teenage female characters. This is not a realistic or an appropriate portrayal of young boys.

Instead of banning the show, have you tried talking to your son about what IS appropriate for 10-year-old boys to say and how they should act? You could explain to him that the comments they're making are rude to the girls and he shouldn't say things like that. He may not understand the sexual part of the "joke" but he might think it's funny and try to repeat it at school.

Put parental controls on your cable box to block out certain shows that you don't want your kids to watch. Also, teach them what is and isn't appropriate to watch.

Speaking of shows that aren't suitable for kids, here's the weekday daytime lineup of shows on one of my local channels (between 7 am and 5 pm)

7 am-Montel Williams

8 am-Cheaters

9 am-Jerry Springer

10 am-Maury Povich

11 am-Jerry Springer

12 pm-Maury Povich

1 pm-Jerry Springer

2 pm-Montel Williams

3 pm-Greg Behrendt

4 pm-Maury Povich

Up until their shows went off the air, Ricki Lake and Jenny Jones were also on this channel early in the morning. And at this time last year, this station had tow hours of Jerry Springer on, from 8 until 10 in the morning.

 Such shows should not be on a time when young children are watching.


When I was growing up, my mother didn't allow me to watch certain shows such as Laugh-In and Love American Style.

On Laugh-In,  Henry Gibson was dressed up a priest, as well as Goldie Hawn, Judy Carne, and Chelsea Brown dressed in bikinis, wiggling their bodies, including their butts, and had writing all over their bodies. 

My mother never allowed us to watch Love American Style because there were things on that were against the teachings of the Catholic Church.


This may sound a little extreme, but it worked for us. We were so disgusted with TV shows when our boys were small that all they were allowed to watch were what we rented. Well, some we had to purchase because they watched them over and over. My youngest loved Sponge Bob. Actually for our oldest we didn't own a tv until he was 6, but at his grandmothers he was only allowed to watch what we rented. We never bought a cable or satellite subscription until the oldest was 14 and then we got so disgusted we stopped and started up again recently during a winter lull in activity.  But now we're mostly disgusted because there doesn't seem to be much on worth watching so we feel like we wasted our money. We do rent a a lot of movies. When you don't watch TV for awhile, its quite shocking to be in a hotel and turn on HBO. We turned it on and there were two naked women under water making out. I'm sure my teenage boys would have liked to have watched the whole thing but I turned it off immediately. 

Last night my 19-year-old came home from his girlfriend's house and said he felt sorry for her little sisters, because "they don't have anything to do except watch TV.  I had so much more to do when I was their age."  I felt like he really appreciated that we didn't have a TV for him at that age and I felt a little proud.


Iam a mum in England and i have a nine year old daughter and i do agree. We have cable on our tv and i have blocked over half of the tv channels as i dont want my child to watch them.  As for those twins i got to the point of sitting her down and telling her that boys were wrong to talk to girls in that way. As  for the other stuff i think that all these cartoons are worse with the violence that is shown espically the war and hero ones and as for cartoon network and jetix banned permentaly. I also try not to watch the tv in the day as the shows are not suitable eg Jerry ,Charmed , Maury, Dr Phil,Ricki,Buffy,Angel and in this country the soaps are definatly not in our viewing lots of violence and family issues and crime not what i want her to see. We have alot of rows as she wants to watch things that her friends watch and i dont want her to watch. So i try and do other things for her to do art, bikes and horse riding are some ideas that keep her from the box in the corner. As for Friends that causes the largest rows as the content is adult and her friends watch so why should she be left out.