Step-Parent Adoption
06/01/2010 at 11:18 AM

Hello All
My name is Nicole. I have a situation that I would greatly appreciate anyones advice on.

I have a son, Bryan, that is 6 (7 in Nov.). He is in K and just lights up my life. He is full of energy and makes everyday fun to live.
I had Bryan when I was 18 years old and was separated from his biological father while I was pregnant. I met my husband when Bryan was 13 months old and we have been together ever since. Bryan has no idea that Roger, my husband, is not his biological father. He has never met his biological father; the biological father has never been in the picture. We are going tomorrow to our court hearing for my husband adopting Bryan to make him legally his son. We have wanted this for a long time and feel it will make our family complete. My question is, how should we go about telling Bryan that he is adopted and when should we do this?? My husband and I have two children together now and we never want Bryan to feel left out or anything like that but we do want him to know the truth. All suggestions would be great as we have no clue what the best way would be.

I thank you for your time and any help that you have to offer!!!

I really would appreciate some feedback.

I left my job with the United Nations to be near my son, after about 18 months of job hopping and dating a mix of women. I decide I need to move 4 hours north to Atlanta to finish grad school and maybe get a job in Atlanta, pursue a girl...that worked out. But then the girl moved to Boston, I graduated and got a great work from home job...I moved to Boston knowing that my son and his step-family are well in place. My son was 2 when I went to Iraq, my wife left me shortly after...he is now 8, he has a great step-dad, step brother (7) and sister (12). I am planning on seeing him a total of 26 days out of the next 7 months. I always told myself I would not measure my love by the time I spend or do not spend with him.