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My Parents Expectations Are Destroying Me... Advice?
03/18/2012 at 18:18 PM

My Parents Expectations Are Destroying Me... Advice?


My Dad and Mum are very proud of me because I am the Captain of the Rugby Team and also because my grades are pretty decent.

However nothing ever seems to be good enough when it comes to my adopted brother. They always treat me second best when he is around and my Dad and him seem to have way much more in common then I do. I mean how stupid, he is the adopted one and it's me that doesn't fit in my own family!

I don't relate to my brother at all especially as him and my girlfriend had a moment a few months ago. I just wish he'd go back home to his own family and leave mine well alone.

I'm finding it hard to keep up my grades and hate being the Captain of the Team. Not to mention my girlfriend who is just way to high maintence for me to deal with.

My whole life is a fake.

It's easier to blame your problems with your parents on your brother than it is to take responsibility for your attitude. Try being pleasant and respectful to your parents. Tell them you are grateful for the opportunities you have because of their efforts.

Oh ok then.

you are very good person try to accept your brother and be gentle to your family....remember blood relations are not everything

I think you are brave to be honest! Jealousy, personality conflicts, competition and all the things we parents don't want to occur in our family are a very real struggle between kids. The truth is that certain family relationships are just easier and being on the outside of that is lonely and can make you feel crazy! How many jokes are there about "mom's favorite"? You aren't alone in that aspect. The mom in me says please get this out in the open so you won't feel second best! Honey, you are loved and don't feel it. First, I really think talking to a therapist will be so freeing for you. Be brave and ask for it. You can admit the dirty truth and every feeling to a therapist, and won't fear retribution or hurting that professional's feelings. Together with your therapist, you can learn ways to address this with your family after you gain clarity. Big hug and good luck! Update us, please.