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How long does adoption take?
04/24/2007 at 17:01 PM

We are considering adoption, and I am wondering how long it took people to go through the entire process? Is domestic quicker than international adoption?

Hey nickerjack, We have great information about both domestic and international adoptions. I believe the time frame can vary for both types. Please check out our information to learn more about adoption and come back here to talk with other parents about adoption. Marti


We've not done an international adoption but hear that can takes months.  Domestic adoption, especially thru the foster care system is fast.  Very fast.  We finished our homestudy in March, applied for a girl we saw in April, we were notified we were chosen for her in May, we brought her home in August.  8 months later we had 4 more, 3 months after that we had one more.  We got 6 within one year. We've now had the first one for almost 5 years and the 5 for 4 years.  It has been great!  Going thru the foster system is also very minimal cost.  You'd be amazed!  If you want on the newborn, private adoption list, that could take a very very long while and costs are excruciating.  As bad or worse then the international costs.  If you want more private discussions you can email me at  Good luck! and God's Blessings!



We submitted interest on a sibling group of five in June of 2006, yes, a whole year ago.  We were called in October to see if we were still interested.  We were.  We were chosen from among a few famililies in January of 2007.  It is the end of June 2007 and we have not even met the kids yet.  WHY?  "These things take time...."  So don't plan on anything speedy.


Hey NYMom,


Congrats!!  You will have to keep us posted as you move forward and let us know how it all goes.  Taking on 5 at once is a very special thing.




Have you seen the 20/20 show recently on The Lonliess's kids with no family.  Waiting in foster care, waiting to be adopted.  One day IS too long for a kid with no family.

I adopted International and waited almost 2 years.  I  went through many years waiting in Domestic adoption with more silly happenings then should be.  I'd recommend International Adoption for many reasons.  I continue to pray for our own domestic adoption mess here in America and hope that one day we'll see that a child's "window" for a stable being is very small and we must not make them wait to be loved and settled.

May I leave you with...the wait was all so worth it.



My husband and I adopted a sibling group through the foster care system in PA.  It was very quick.  We had our homestudy completed in September and had our children in our home by mid November.  They were adopted less then one year later.  The main issue to be aware of is termination of parental rights.  If the parental rights have not been terminated you may be in for a wait or legal battle depending on the situation the family is in.  If rights are already terminated the actual process is much shorter. I truly believe that adopting from within our own communities is best.  (Not that oversea adoption is not good - it certainly is important and those who do it have a  wonderful calling on their lives) But we have so many children that need homes in our own country and if you are willing to adopt a slightly older child domestic is a good choice.  Domestic adoption through foster care is also very inexpensive.  The states pay for just about everything and if you adopt a child with "special needs" (which means a sibling group, a child over five or medical needs) then many states offer a subsidy to help out until the child is 18 after the adoption is final.   We had a wonderful experience going through a domestic adoption.  Many people also believe that if you go overseas you can get an infant and you will not have the problems that you will if you adopt here and that is simply not so.  I have many friends that have gone overseas and they are facing the same emotional and behavioral issues that we have dealt with - sometimes even more.  


From Start to finish it can take anywhere from a few months to a few years, now my situation was, I went to through an adoption agency, was getting ready to pick the family, but then a family member came to me and had a couple that wanted to take him home and love and care for him immidiatlly, so I agreed, now the adoption process should of taken only till like the next time we could get into court and sign the papers but this was not so simple since the father was in jail at the time and he would not valuntaraly sign them so we had to get him on abandonment charges and that means 6 months of him not provinding support, and time does not count when you are in jail so I think it took like a year and 1/2 for the adoption to be completley legal. And HE is a GREAT KID and he has wonderful caring parents!!!!!!!!THANK YOU!!!  And it did not cost me 1 dime nor did I get paid 1 dime, it was sooo not about trying to make any money, we are talking about human lives here and I can not put a price on them, LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!


It really depends on where you live and the type of adoption. I could offer some info into Ministry of Children and Family adoption here in BC Canada but otherwise, the experience and processes can vary a lot!


Hi my name is Joyce i was wondering how long to take for someone to adopted in Lorain county Ohio .I was wondering like if child service was fostering the children like 3 supposed to reunify with parents they didn't after the parent got deined lccs adopted the children it haven't made it to middle or highest court and the parent didn't know or sign paper