7 y.o. gifted & hyperactive
08/10/2010 at 23:11 PM

My son will just turn 7 the week 2nd grade starts. At the end of last year, his teacher requested gifted testing due to the fact he was doing extrememly well reading, as well as in math. He was in their advanced math group since the 2nd quarter of 1st grade.

His teacher this year turns out to the be the same my older son had. She is relatively strict & I am concerned because he is very active. He is constantly in motion and asking questions. While in 1st grade, his teacher usually gave several warnings about correcting their behavior but I'm concerned he will be labeled trouble. I think it will help that he will be in the math group again, as well as the gifted class but am curious if/how any of you deal with this or if I should discuss it with a doctor to see if he has ADHD. I know every child is different but my other children really calmed down by this age & he doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. Thanks! D