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7 year old killed pet mouse for fun
09/29/2010 at 03:29 AM

On Sept 27 my one year old daughter through a toy not hard at my 7 year old daughter (savannah) and my 7 year old through it as hard as she could back at my 1 year old Justice . The next day when she got home from school she was still in trouble from hitting her baby sister s she was to stay in her room. At about 5pm she comes out to tell my oldest daughter that her pet mouse is laying on it's side like it's dead, and come to find out it was. Savannnah chocked a little mouse to death and broke it's ribs and though it was okay to do when it happened. Please help i have no clue what to so from here or if i should take her to see a doctor

You have good instincts. You should get a reference for a good child psychiatrist and have an evaluation. I don't know what the psychiatrist will say.

Yes, make an appointment to see a child psychologist as soon as you can. Sounds much more like your child did this from anger and/or frustration (and not for "fun" as you state) and needs to learn more appropriate ways to express her negative feelings. Also, do not leave her alone with the baby and closely monitor all interactions with her peers.

If it is for 'fun', it is even more serious.

OMG! That's ridiculous. I am really shocked. How can they even do it at this early age of time?

I have some training and experience with children who behave like this. How is your daughter now? Has there been anymore incidents like this one since last year?

Forgive me but this is a good indication of possible abuse. It also may be a indicator of future problems such as serious anti-social behavior. You should see a marriage and family couincilor with her. You two will need more than five visits.