6 year old, worrys more then i do?
08/24/2010 at 12:20 PM

So I have a 6 year old step-son, i have raised him since he was a baby, he does not even know his bilogical father. Anyway, in the last year or so he has paid tons of attention to anything mom and I say, and being a child he does not always understand what we are saying or talking about, but this child is SUPER smart. Not like "oh my child is so smart" but smart as in he is 6 and has read his mothers twilight books... his is the most gifted child i have ever met. well anyway he is constatly worrying about us having money, or about my job or about food in the house ( though we have had some rough times he has always had food, so there is no reason for him to be worrying about that) So hes been crying and worrying about these things for awhile now, recently he has also started talking about death, and killing people and what heaven is like ect , ect ....and he is constatly attached to us, he will not go away for even 1 minute and if we try to get him to go play with his brother (7) or sister (3) he will go for a minute maybe then come back to us. and if we try to tell him and get him to go back he will cry and fall to the floor and hit himself as hard as he can, and throw the worse temper ever! Im at my witts end, I love him but we cannot be attached to him at the hip 24/7 , is it because he is just so smart that the other kids dont keep his attention so he wants to be with the adults? or what.....this is recent he used to play in his room all the time and never have any problems , so this is a change, not the way he has always been. Its like i go to work, i come home and there he is...he never leaves us, without the hugest fight in the world. I like to spend time with him and do things with him but i cant even get 20 minutes to myself! not to mention he is always trying to ask us about adult things and money and stuff i would talk to his mother about, not him. So should i be worried about this attachment and him being so worried about adult issues???? or the temper tanturms that he hurts himself in?? some help would be nice so i can decide if i need to do something.