15 year old daughter - punishment
10/13/2010 at 20:39 PM

Hello all,

We am having a hard time coming up with an appropriate disciplinary action for our 15 year old daugther. Without going into complete detail, here's a quick run-down.

The other night she and her 2 friends snuck out of the house after we went to bed. After several attempts to get the truth out of her, we found each of her reasons/excuses to be lies. Up to this point she swore up and down that she was at a friends house close by. We got a hold of her phone which she had "lost" and read the texts between her and some friends.

The texts included talk of booze purchasing and going to a party (it was homecoming). When the truth finally came out, we found out that she took one of our cars, drove around our town to a few stores and went several exits south to the airport to watch planes land/take-off with some friends.

Remember that she is 15 years old. She has never been allowed to sit behind the wheel of a car or had any type of driving lessons. The truth about this didn't come from her, but one of her friends fessed up to their parents and they called us about it.

Our current punishment is that she is not allowed to have a cell phone/internet/tv in her room for a month. However, that was before we found out the whole truth about her stealing our car to drive. We are currently thinking of taking her phone/internet/tv away for the remainder of the school year and not allowing her to get her permit at 16.

We are so in shock that we don't really know what an acceptable punishment should be for this. Does anyone have any input as to what would be a fair punishment?

Thanks in advance.